The video game industry: the current analysis

Video game industry: what is it?

The primary definition of video game industry would be a sector that is solely devoted to manufacturing and developing video games. The video game industry is quite well functional on a global level and extends employment to a lot of people around the globe. This interesting economic sector has displayed many ups and downs in the past few years as people now-a-days are very keen to play exciting video games. The main purpose of this discussion is to bring forth the current developments in the video game industry and hence let us begin.

Video game industry: what’s new?

It has been reported that the total number of retail sales of video games hardware, accessories and software have shown a decrement of around 29 percent in the US in the month of June of this year. This fall in the total sales have been a regular trend since the previous seven months and these statistics do not include the sales of rentals and second hand games. The game known as “Lego Batman 2: DC super heroes.” Manufactured by Time Warner Inc secured the top position among the best selling games.


Sony Corporation stated that their total sales have also seen a decline of about 15 percent and the main reason for this decline is said to be the low sales of Playstation friendly devices and Playstation 3 plus all the video games that can be operated on them. Another big name in the video game industry, Walt Disney Co. also reported a fall in their sales and the major reason behind the fall is that there were no substantial releases compared to their previous ones.


Amidst of all the decline in the total sales of major video games manufacturers, Zyanga Inc has come up with a sequel to the very famous “Farmville” so that the players keep seeding and sowing and their attention stays put on computers and not move to the mobile gadgets as that has been developing as the latest trend. On the other hand Nintendo Co. announced that their new game called Wii U game will hit the market in US in the month of November this year. The video game industry has really witnessed a lot of falls in the total sales in the past few months but on the brighter side there are some new games in the market that might turn the falling sales in an opposite direction.



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