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Summer Health Festival

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This DSS come and enjoy a ‘healthier you’. Concurrent with the regular DSS activities will be a specially designed health awareness drive with a mix of fun and entertainment. The ten-week long program will see a series of games, demonstrations, talks through dedicated themed weeks

The five themes will inform visitors about healthy eating habits, physical fitness, mental wellbeing and hygiene and will be followed by two weeks of free health checkups across participating destinations. Leading malls have come on board as participants while Modhesh Fun City will host the activities throughout the duration.

This summer give a boost to your health at Dubai Summer Surprises.

Come and enjoy ten week long program aimed at taking you through an exciting journey of health and wellness. Five dedicated themes will be presented at the leading malls; each for two weeks. Indulge in activities and contests and go back home healthier, fitter while enjoying an exhilarating shopping experience!

Healthy Eating 11th-24th Jun

Specialised teams will take you through the delights of eating right. Visit the kiosk to learn some really health laden recipes and understand food value from qualified experts.

Physical Fitness 25th Jun – 8th Jul

Meet our physical fitness experts and get them to demonstrate the latest in fitness regimes.

Beautiful You 9th Jul – 22nd Jul

Allow our experts to take you through an understanding of what really contributes to beauty.

Hygiene 23rd Jul – 5th Aug

Come and understand how hygiene impacts our wellness with specialists. Learn simple tricks to maintain hygiene at all levels-personal, oral, dental etc.

Health Check-ups 6th Aug – 14th Aug

Visit our kiosks to get free health check-up with our qualified team. Get an understanding of BMI, blood pressure and blood sugar and get an understanding of your health barometer.