There are many aspects of living well, which have been covered at various times in these writings. But one of the least discussed is the business of dying. There are many aspects to dying: both in dying yourself one day and in watching someone you love die. But today we are concerned with the financial aspect.


It can seem coarse to discuss finances in light of the finality of death. After all, what is money when set beside the loss of a loved one? And while discussion of personal finances may seem like a poor way to recognize the legacy of a loved one, or to spend your own final days, it can be immensely helpful in ways that I will explain.


  • Final Expenses are Costly. The last months of an individual’s life are likely to be the most expensive. There are many reasons for this. For one, some people learn that they have a terminal illness and do anything in their power to combat the inevitable. Terminal illnesses are becoming fewer in number as medicine makes new innovations to promote recovery and healing. But there are many illnesses which do not have a cure. In cases like this, it is best not to spend life savings on experimental procedures which will do nothing more than heighten discomfort in a dying person. Desperation can be a difficult thing to deny, but dying peacefully around loved ones is a blessing that should be denied to no one. It’s also much cheaper to maintain dignity and peace of mind during death, through Hospice and pain regulation techniques. Talk about these with your loved ones and decide today if this is what you want for yourself.168855159
  • Funeral Expenses are Costly. When people die, the bereaved often feel the need to put on an expensive funeral in honor of their loved one. Even for minimal services, funeral homes almost always charge in excess of $10,000 for casket, burial, delivery, decorations and the like. Decide well in advance how you want to take part in these traditions, and if more minimal expenditures will save you or the bereaved thousands, while providing true honor to the departed. In many cases, it costs many times more to buy a burial plot through a funeral home than it would cost to buy it directly from the owner of a plot of land. Considering these costs in advance can save thousands, and can sometimes leave the bereaved in a better financial situation than they would be had they followed the traditional route.


Savings and insurance can help in these final costs. is one such company, helping regular people get through the unexpected costs of death and dying, without ruining their own savings or the savings of someone they love. A time like this is no time to go into debt, and it is very possible to honor the life of a loved one without spending all of your money on fancy boxes and ceremonies. It may take extra research, but it is worth it in the end.

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