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A radiant, healthy and glowing skin is a reflection of inner health. Health comes from within and glowing skin is an essential part of natural beauty. The key to vibrant and healthy skin lies beyond […]

Food for your skin

Heart disease sounds big, isn’t it? Indeed it is; if proper attention is not paid when possible and the good news is that heart diseases can be prevented. Lifestyle management can help in preventing heart

Preventing heart disease

Depression has become so popular that it is an evolutionary paradox now. Depression does not mean that there is relationship break up. There are varieties of reasons which pave the path of depression. Some people

Depression – How To Get To the Root of It

Are you worried about lactose intolerance and avoid taking milk as a source of calcium? Are you planning to include calcium rich non- dairy foods in your diet? If yes, this article is just for

A green route to calcium

Dark Chocolates are the fantasy that one always can binge anytime. Chocolates are now termed as deserts instead of sweets and any other type of sugar. Chocolate means dark chocolates. But when it comes dark


The essence of life lies in how to live it with happiness. If you define happiness, it is just the state of mind and nothing else. If you can master your mind and control your

Key to Hapiness

Are you looking out for a break or wish to celebrate your success? If you think you wish to have a party or some kind of enjoyment, why not try the wellness route? Wellness! Yes,

Wish to party, don’t celebrate, but take a wellness route

So much is spoken about yoga in terms of yoga poses for flexibility and other yoga techniques for relaxation and stress management. However, less is known about the power of yoga in helping you to

Losing weight…The Yoga way

It has been observed that positivity in a personality raises the success rate and takes people to the heights they have dreamt of. Most of the times, the roots of such an optimistic attitude or

Health and Inspiration go hand in hand
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