Key to Hapiness

The essence of life lies in how to live it with happiness. If you define happiness, it is just the state of mind and nothing else. If you can master your mind and control your thoughts, you will never be in despair again.

Key to happiness 

Mind your thoughts

The mind is like a garden, positive thoughts are like beautiful flowers whereas negative thoughts are like weed. Guard your mind like a gardener. Enrich your mind with good thoughts and deseed the unwanted thoughts from your mind. The moment negative thoughts come into your mind, stop them then and there and replace them with good ones. Practice this every time the negative thought appears in your mind.

The power of the mind is beyond the imagination. The circumstances you are living in are created by you. Circumstances are nothing but the result of your thinking process. What you think and imagine, it actually happens with you and create a world around you. Tough times are never going to end and situations will rarely be in your favor. Crying over them is merely wasting time and wasting life too. Instead of this, be attentive to your thoughts and mind them and restore positive thinking.

Never put off living

Setting goals is the vital element of life, however, if to achieve those goals you ignore happiness, which is synonym to life, it is not the good practice. Live your today to the fullest and be happy as it is important for your well-being. Do not put off your happiness to a later time when you will achieve something.

Happiness or misery

Do not be slaves to your mind; instead make your mind your slave. Order your mind to be happy and it will become happy for sure.

How to do it?

Whatever is the situation, it depends on you what you choose- happiness or misery. If the situation is not favorable and you allow it to influence your mind, you are choosing misery. However, if you do not allow the situations to influence your thinking process and you change your habitual reaction to such a situation, you will see the reversed effect in the mind and in life.

Regain the zest for living

Choose what you love to do

To regain back the high spirits, you need to be happy and happiness comes inevitably when you do what you love. Only you know, what can make you happy. Therefore, do not just think about your dreams, instead step forward to fulfill them.

Love what you do

However, every time you cannot do what you love, instead you have to love what you do. Negative attitude towards something makes your efforts go in vain even before you start doing it. Therefore, focus on positive sides and associate only positive results to doing that task. Looking at the sunnier sides can make you love and excel in your work.

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