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Many times, we have seen a communication gap between doctors/medical professionals and patients. To fill this communication gap and to establish a rapport for smooth functioning of the medical treatments, the need for translators is […]


It isn’t easy to see the pain of the people you love the most. Seeing your very own people suffer in the wake of Alzheimer’s is rather a sad version of things. It becomes all


The world today has grown too techno-savvy and this can be a real help in bridging the gap between patient and provider. The global healthcare system can benefit from this concept of providing all the

  Rising healthcare costs have forced many employers to forgo healthcare benefits for their employees, with many Americans choosing to fight back. In between all this, the option to travel abroad for medical treatments and


Almost everyone suffers from stress during their lifetime, it’s a well know fact that 80% of the diseases now are stress related. Deadlines, difficult relationships, and frustrations can cause a lot of stress. If you

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In today’s stressful world where meetings, traffic jams take up a lot of your energy- just getting to work and keeping up with daily schedule becomes a drill, you are left all tired and exhausted,

Green Tea – Miracle Herb

Women often do not take time to take care of themselves! We tend to take care of others first—children, spouses, parents, relatives. Sound-based therapy uses the energy of the body to make self-change from within.

Sound Therapy Supporting Women’s Wellness Challenges

The level of activity in your life has a direct influence on the future of a stem cell – whether it will convert to a bone or a fat cell. The findings of the research

Regular Workouts Encourage Bone Formation: Study

People who ate chocolate were more likely to volunteer to help another person in need, compared to those who ate a cracker or no food. People with sweet tooth may have a sweeter personality??? Will

People with sweet tooth may have a sweeter personality

Why is there such a discrepancy in the price of branded and non-branded drugs? A regional spokesperson provides an insight The Price of Medicines… Why the Huge Disparity?   The forthcoming Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Middle East

Medicines in the UAE - Why the Huge Disparity?
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