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In house doctors – social media being put to effective use

The world today has grown too techno-savvy and this can be a real help in bridging the gap between patient and provider. The global healthcare system can benefit from this concept of providing all the information needed at a single click. Social media portals such as Facebook and Twitter have provided patients the opportunity to connect directly to the doctors. All the information needed can be exchanged on these portals and adds a newer dimension in the practice of medical services around the world.

Voice to the healthcare system

There is always a scope for improvement in healthcare systems around the world. Social media becomes the medium to project these changes and helps them transport to various destinations. Social media helps the decision-makers of healthcare systems earn a voice. Medical internet research stated after surveying oncologists and doctors about their online habits that around 24 percent of the medical practitioners share information with patients via social media. Studies have also shown that an increasing number of medical professionals in the United States are on Facebook and Twitter.

These numbers are increasing each passing day. Social media today stands as the most important tool in medical practices. It helps in identifying new patients. It is reported that most of the new patients come to know about the practitioner through the internet/social media. Social media has eased the lives of many, as you need not run to your doctor for all small things when you can easily have the solution through a simple post or a message on the social media portal the doctor has access to.

Medical Mobile Apps

Medical practitioners resort to medical mobile apps like never before. These mobile apps have the potential to extensively view, update the medical charts of the patients. Medical mobile apps help in coordinating schedules and appointments of the patients. These also have access to patient records, lab orders, and prescribed medicines. Therefore, it can be said that the use of medical mobile applications helps in better management and working of the medical centers and hospitals, improving their working and cording efficiency.

Attracting new patients

Social media makes the doctors available to you, while you are simply sitting at home in comfort. The more social media activity a doctor has, it is likely that he will attract more patients. When you’re available at ease, you’re preferred, the global healthcare industry has also started working on this mantra lately.


Social media portals have increased the availability of in house doctors and exchange of necessary information through social media sites, changing the face of the working protocols of the global healthcare industry.]]>

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