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Cameras have been around for a long time, and with the new smartphone revolution, a camera is practically in the common man’s pocket. On the other hand, professional cameras take photography to another level altogether capturing every detail in its […]


We can talk at lengths about what we believe is the greatest generation. But I personally don’t find descriptions like that very helpful. Which are we implying is a lesser generation? There was a lot about that generation that wasn’t

Better World for Seniors

Products for anti-aging or with anti-aging as an added feature have dominated the market in recent years. Also, medical procedures that achieve the same have evolved to a degree where researchers are working overtime delving deep into biology, nanotechnology and

Tackle thinning hair

Earthquakes have shown man the force of nature time and again. It is believed that earthquakes may have brought the Harappan civilization to a close. Countless other cultures have fallen victim to earthquakes over the course of time. Even today,

Space elevators are no longer going to be just a figment of imagination but scientists are predicting that they may be a reality by 2035. A space elevator is not a tower or building but a durable and flexible cable

space elevators

The world of medicine had witnessed a series of advancements in organ transplantations but what happens in case the donor and the recipient are miles apart requiring long hours of organ shipment?

Organ transplant device

Varicocele is something which is caused over time and does not happen overnight. And this is primarily due to lack of exercise and unhealthy eating habits together with high level of stress in the day to day activities. To know


Used toilet paper is useless, or that is what everyone would have you believe, until now. Chemists researching and working at the University of Amsterdam’s sustainable research department have found a solution to convert waste toilet paper into, of all

Electricity through used toilet paper

Transgenders who were born boys can now have babies due to womb transplants. Transgender women can be mothers now, not by adoption or gestational surrogacy, but by actually giving birth. This development is a marvel of science, which enable men


Criminals are smart and they can surely know how to get away. The growing concerns of crime and terrorism are not hidden from us. What makes it even more worse is that we cannot easily track the people behind the

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