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Review: Grocare’s varicocele natural treatment healing patients non- surgically

Varicocele is something which is caused over time and does not happen overnight. And this is primarily due to lack of exercise and unhealthy eating habits together with high level of stress in the day to day activities. To know how varicocele leads to infertility in men, let us first understand how it occurs in the first place. After knowing this, we can then understand how it can be detected and treated naturally without surgery.



Varicocele occurs when the scrotum gets swollen due to abnormal enlargement of veins. This enlargement occurs when there is an imbalance in the pH level because of unhealthy lifestyle due to which the free radicals and toxins get accumulated near the valves which provide fresh supply of blood to the reproductive glands. The veins and arteries which transmit blood to the scrotum should be pure for healthy production of sperms.

But, when the toxins level increases it leads to increase in the supply of impure blood to the testis. This affects the sperm count and reduces it considerably causing infertility ultimately.  It takes a lot of time for the veins to dysfunction in this manner. So when it does, know the alarm bell has already rung.


Varicocele can be detected by going through an ultrasound together with the sperm count analysis. This gives a clear picture as to how grave the situation is and till what level has varicocele affected the sperm count. Based on this you can accordingly take corrective measures. Many times, varicocele is misunderstood as a hernia, hydrocele or epididymitis. This is because all of these causes a pain in the groin area and is often a common misconception.

However, to get accurate results, you can even undergo a venography which is the most reliable mode of detecting the small or subclinical varicoceles. These reports provide results of those abnormal veins which are swollen due to impure blood.

Natural Treatment


A pharmaceutical company named Grocare is providing herbal medicines which are helping treat such cases naturally and is helping people around the world with its treatment. Grocare has also been providing medicines for varicocele natural treatment. It is a combination of three medicines which not only reduces the toxins but even cleanses the system internally for the overall improvement of the immune system.

Activiz is taken to get rid of the toxins. Acidim makes the free radicals and toxins weak by restoring the pH balance in the body and lastly Nervica which ensures a smooth blood flow without any toxins in the arteries and veins.

However, it is essential to note that this natural treatment will work only if you switch to a healthy lifestyle. This will help get rid of the toxins quicker and will reduce its chances of recurrence. The main motto is to get rid of this disease naturally and to cleanse the system internally by way of healthy lifestyle.

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