Understanding why communication is so vital for the medical tourists

Opting for treatment in foreign locations means moving out of your comfort zone. Therefore, you have to possess a clear insight into not only the treatment process but all related aspects as well. That said, you need to establish communication with the healthcare provider from where you intend to seek treatment. You should get in touch with the hospital where your pre-op consultations will be located and be vocal about different things that may include but not limited to treatment location, treatment procedure and the availability of transfer facility in the post treatment scenario. As you might have to make the transportation arrangements yourself if they are not providing the transfer facility, hence it makes perfect sense to enquire about the same from your service provider.

Enquire about your healthcare condition and the recommended treatment:

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Before you embark on medical journey to a foreign country, you should completely understand your healthcare condition and the recommended treatment, failing which you might be robbed blind. Once you have chosen the hospital or the clinic abroad, you should initiate the communication immediately in order to make your medical vacation as smooth and safe as possible. Most of the certified healthcare facilities abroad have the international patient department to ease the process of communication. You can contact them via telephone or email and ask them about various things related to the healthcare facility or the doctor who will treat you. You can also take advantage of telemedicine to receive information from your potential provider.

Enquire about the cost of treatment:


Cost effectiveness of the medical treatments is the major driver of medical tourism. However, checking and comparing prices for the treatment you require would make your medical trip even more cost effective. You can use internet to ascertain the prices offered by the healthcare providers. Moreover, to get better insights into the prices, you can also communicate with the intended healthcare providers through email. However, making a phone call on the toll free number provided by the health care providers is the most feasible option, as it allows you to have a two way communication and helps you in dispelling all apprehensions regarding prices and quality of the treatment.

Enquire about the quality of treatment facilities:

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You should also enquire about the treating facility’s standards and its history of serving overseas patients. Moreover, you should also enquire about the international accreditation of the hospital. However, the most important person you should be communicating with is your doctor. You should consult in detail about your medical condition and the treatment options. It is important to know that you are receiving the surgical treatment or any other medical treatment from certified and experienced medical professionals. Moreover, you should also enquire and check if the healthcare facility you have chosen for your medical treatment has the modern equipment and technology to ensure a successful treatment. You can also use the internet to know more about your treating facility and the services they provide to the patients.


If you are traveling overseas to avail medical treatment, you will never want to face any kind of problems or complications during medical travel. Therefore, you should be familiar with a number of important things, such as the medical procedure, accreditation systems, treatment location, surgeon qualifications and the pre-and post-operative arrangements. Therefore, you should enquire as much as you can before embarking on a medical vacation.

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