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Fashion Guide

Winter is in full swing – and even if we were to be buried in layers of clothing, fashion can’t be dead! Here is a list of some winter trends that will be very much in vogue this year. These […]

Come fall and most of us will start rummaging in the closets, hunting around for all those scarves we had carefully tucked away for this very season. A scarf is one accessory that doesn’t fail to come our rescue when

Get in Fall Fashion Tune with a Scarf

It may be a stressful time for some to choose a suitable wedding dress for a bride’s shape but thankfully, we have tips to simplify the process for them. There’s so much to bear in mind when the search for

wedding dress for a bride's figure

So you are a fashion icon with a belief in the idea of“my life, my body” and make it a point to wear all that you feel like, even if it is revealing. Excellent approach, and more power to you.

style guide to wearing revealing clothes

When the invitation card reads as cocktail attire then most men are perplexed about the choice for a dress. Basically, cocktail outfits are semiformal outfits and they mainly emerged in the 1920s and 1930s when men chose to wear something

Styling tips for men

These days your outward appearance carries lots of weight. You have to look your stunning best if you want to create an impression. If you want to be absolute stylish this summer, there are few things that need to be

Fashion vocabulary

With winter gone, you need no longer worry about covering that beautiful body under layers and layers of clothes. Spring is back again and with it, comes the chance to flaunt your favorite dresses. The season also gives you the

Show off your best features and look

Gone are the days when people used to stock up their closets with clothes deemed essential for every season. So while there was a dedicated space for spring and summer clothing, there used to be another area dedicated for the

ace your style for seasonless dressing

Come winter and we will be forced to store away all of our favorite outfits for spring in favor of warmer and bulkier outfits like sweaters and jackets. Many believe that winter is all about covering yourself up while giving

splendid winter wardrobe

The smoky eye is a classic makeup trick that never fails to accentuate your eyes. Such is the power of the look that it can easily transform an otherwise sweet fact into a sultry, smoking hot avatar in mere minutes.

getting that smoky eye look with your makeup
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