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Styling tips for men to flaunt the perfect cocktail outfits

When the invitation card reads as cocktail attire then most men are perplexed about the choice for a dress. Basically, cocktail outfits are semiformal outfits and they mainly emerged in the 1920s and 1930s when men chose to wear something more formal than everyday clothing but at the same time a little more relaxed as compared to the usual formal evening wear. Cocktail outfits are mostly set as dress codes in case weddings and formal parties and there are some basic rules that one needs to follow when it comes to cocktail wear.

Tips to be master in cocktail outfits

If cocktail outfits leave you wondering just what you must do then just take into account the below-mentioned tips which will make your life easier when you are finalising your cocktail outfit.

  • Go for the perfect blend

They need to be the perfect blend of a polished attire and youthfulness. It should make you look formal but at the same time, you must look relaxed and modern.

  • The perfect combination of blazers and trousers

Go in for the dark shades of suits and blazers. You can go in for a variety of dark colours like cobalt or grey. Remember the thumb rule that suits should not be tight fitting but do just the opposite if you opt for a blazer.Match up the blazer with a well-fitted trouser of a complimentary colour.

  • Black or white

Now let’s talk about the tie. If you are wearing a tailcoat which is black in colour or a white waistcoat etc then go in for a white bow or a white tie. If you are wearing a dark tuxedo or white jacket with dark trousers then go in for a black bow or black tie.

  • Be creative but not loud

Cocktail attire gives you the option of being creative and experimenting but under no circumstances, you can afford to be loud. You cannot look like a colourful tree by wearing bold patterns in the name of cocktail attire.

Cocktail attire do’s and dont’s


  • Go in for something that is tailor made and makes you look formal.
  • Add a touch of creativity which will make you look different but yet smart. Just remember to not take too many liberties with creativity.
  • Go in for darker coloured suits and blazers which are in tune with the contemporary style.
  • Go in for a simple clean and ironed shirt with subtle colours or checks and strips and as for cuff links keep them as minimal as possible
  • Go in for formal trousers and leather accessories like belts and formal shoes


  • Don’t be overdressed or dressed in such a manner that you look more flashy as compared to the one on whom the flashlight in going to be in the party.
  • Don’t hesitate to confirm with the hosts as to what exactly is expected from the dress so that your confusion is cleared and you do not mess up with your attire.
  • The last thing you can do is to wear ill-fitting clothes. Loose and long pants , ill-fitting shirts and blazers ,accessories and shoes that are too casual or don’t match is a strict no

More tips and ideas

  • Go in for dark coloured suit with a subtle or white coloured shirt
  • The tie must have an understated pattern and must compliment the attire
  • Go in for formal leather sole shoes and over the calf socks
  • Well, groomed look is a must so you should be clean shaven and must have a good hair cut.

Using these basic guidelines, you can surely get the best cocktail attire which will make you look just perfect for the cocktail party or gathering that you would be attending.

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