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Fashion Guide

Many women might agree that high heels attract them more in a showroom than a flat does. High heels look fab with any outfit, and make you look tall but there is no denying that high heels are high on […]

flats are all the rage this season

It is always fun to incorporate a particular fashion trend to your existing sense of style, which definitely spice up your existing monotonous look. In order to follow a particular fashion trend you need to examine it based on your

Fashion week micro trends

Fashion trends come and go, some stay for long while others vanish in no time. It is good and fun to try new fashion trends but only if they look good on you. You should not be greedy to try

Statement necklace

Sleeve buttons or cufflinks as they are called, are something that adds a sense of style to your dressing. Those smart looking; impressive buttons on your sleeves solve a purpose of keeping the cuffs tight and at place but majority

Cufflinks for men’s fashion forefront

Dressing for office is a kind of challenge, as you are expected to look smart and professional at the same time. However, it is not much of a problem to dress professionally if the weather is cool or normal. However,

trendy professional dressing for summers

Do you want to refresh your wardrobe? Then, you need to start from the basics of dressing well. Following a recent fashion tip or trend does not mean compromising with your comfort. However, keep in mind an overly comfortable outfit

woman in smart dress

“I like my money right where I can see it …hanging in my closet.” I am sure every fashion enthusiast agrees with Carrie Bradshaw on this one. Every girl needs a second opinion on the outfit she is wearing or


Some wardrobe trends can be harmful for your health. Yes, it good to follow fashion and trends. But it is foolish to wear something that will harm your health. Today especially women want to look slimmer and beautiful like the

Fashion Hazards

Face offs There are some eternal divides that are never going to be solved in the foreseeable future. These divides pervade the realm of fashion, science, general politics, selection of teams in any sport, as well as culture. These divides


The topic of London Club Fashion in the Eighties, and how clubbers got dressed during that mid-eighties underground clubbing era screams the word Revolt! The outrageous, bizarre splash of psycho-glamour extreme club fashion ruling the dingy nightclubs of London,stands as

Revolting London Club Fashion during the Eighties
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