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“I like my money right where I can see it …hanging in my closet.” I am sure every fashion enthusiast agrees with Carrie Bradshaw on this one. Every girl needs a second opinion on the outfit she is wearing or dress she is about to buy to spend money wisely. It is always nice to hear a compliment on your dressing style and it gives you an insight what actually looks good on you. Now what if there is a magic mirror, which tells you how fabulous your outfit is or what can you wear for a certain occasion. Seems like a dream come true. Well with the latest smart phone apps this is no longer a reverie. Here comes a small list of the most “in” and easy to use fashion apps.

Pose app for iphone


Topping the list is an app made for iphones launched early in 2011. It has over 1 million users and almost 10,000 plus “poses” are posted on the app every day. Now how does it work? Suppose you get many compliments on your today’s outfit. Just a click a picture of yourself and if you want to tag the brand names related to each item of your outfit, post it on Pose and get ready to receive compliments from the various users on this app. You can also add the store names from where you purchased these items and you can buy items from the users of Pose community or trade them.

Cloth app for iphone


This is yet another iphone app updated on November 2012. It works like Pose but with some differences. You can add you photo on this app to comments from all the users. It allows you to save and categorize your favorite outfits. Once you save your outfit photo on this app, if you are confused about what to wear on a specific occasion, just select the occasion and you will be given choices from the virtual wardrobe you have created on the app. This saves your time searching through the wardrobe. It has recently teamed up with Wunderground to help you decide what to wear according to the weather of your area and the options you have in your wardrobe.

Goodguide app


This is yet another amazing android and iphone app for all the fashion lovers who do not want to compromise about their health and quality of products they use. This website has all the evaluations and reviews of a product launched in the market and whether the users liked it or not. It gives you a hint about something you are about to use on like makeup, face wash, hair products and all the various skin products and their credibility.

Stylebook app


This app is a wardrobe organizer and helps you to make virtual wardrobe. You can add your outfits by clicking photos with an option to edit them. Next time you want to wear a particular dress, you can check how many times you have worn it and when you wore it last. This will help you avoid wearing the same dress twice to a same event. If you want to know what goes along with a top or you want to just see how two things look together in your wardrobe, just try this app.

Haircaster app


Here is an app that will finish all your hair woes. Just add your zip code and the texture of your hair. This app will tell what will suit your hair, how it will affect your hair and will give you styling tips as per the weather condition.

PS dept app

PS dept

If you are looking for a personal shopping expert, your search ends with this app. A very simple app that is very similar to just sending a text. Let us explain how it works. After registering, just ask the expert what you are looking for. The expert sends you options to browse. Now select the item you want to purchase and that is it. Shopping easily and with a sense of style will never be this easy. You can also follow your favorite stores.


There is a lot new additions happening in the world of fashion and with this app you can keep yourself updated and stay stylish every day. All you need is your Smartphone.


Dr Prem Jagyasi

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