Parenting styles and their outcomes

Parenting Style has long been a topic of sheer interest for the developmental psychologists. Many studies and researches have been conducted to find the influence and impact of parents over their children. Because of such psychological studies, four parenting styles were formulated. Each style exhibits certain influence on a child’s behavior. Normally, parents fall into one of these parenting style categories.

In case parents show inconsistency in the parenting style that they choose for themselves, fluctuating from one parenting style to another can exert a bad influence over child’s behavioral development. So, parents are advised to stick to one parenting style, rather than switching styles. Have a look at four parenting styles explained with their features and their respective impacts on the child’s behavioral development.

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The Authoritarian Parenting Style

This is a very harsh kind of parenting style. Parents under the authoritarian parenting style act like a boss. They expect high standards of behavior and performance from their child and keep the child under rigid and extremely strict rules and regulations. In case the child fails to follow those strict rules, the consequence is an absolute punishment. Moreover, the authoritarian parent has no valid explanation regarding the strict and harsh rules that they impose on their children.

It is just that they want their children to obey their orders without any question. Such parents are highly demanding and have nil parental responsiveness. The probable reason behind adoption of this style of parenting is the belief most parents have that the best way to keep children under control is to be harsh with them.

Effects of this style of parenting: Children become socially withdrawn; they develop a phobia of failure and develop bitterness for authority, remain always under pressure, become angry and frustrated, have low confidence and self-esteem.

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The Authoritative Parenting Style 

This style is a more balanced and lenient version of the authoritarian style. Authoritative parents also set rules and guidelines for their children to follow but in a lenient manner, as in if the child fails to meet the parent’s expectations then the parents do not straightaway punish the child, rather they talk to them and understand their position. The disciplinary methods that these parents choose are supportive and less punitive. The authoritative parents make their children learn all good things with love and understanding.

Effects of this style of parenting: Childrentend to be very social, confident, and happy. They are emotionally stable, develop positive relationships, do very well in studies, and alcohol and drug use is substantially low as compared to children raised under other parenting styles.

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The Permissive Parenting Style

A parenting style wherein parents are more responsive and less demanding is called the Permissive parenting style. The parents here are very chilled-out, warm, nurturing and affectionate.

They have absolute trust and confidence over their child, and probably this is why they accept whatever their children do. In fact sometimes the over acceptance of their child’s good or bad behavior becomes a problem in the later life. The parents hardly have arguments with their child and often they treat children with toys and sweets in return for their good behavior. Such parents often raise spoiled child because they cannot refuse any demand their child makes.

Effects of this style of parenting: A child becomes self centered, lacks self-discipline, do not like authority, and tends to indulge in bad company, as there is no check on them.


The Uninvolved Parenting Style

This is a neglectful parenting style wherein the parents keep very few demands from children and the responsiveness is also very low. They just fulfill their children’s demands but there is no emotional bonding between the parents and the children. Parents are too busy and self-involved that they hardly have any time for their children

Effects of this style of parenting: The child develops a sense of insecurity, becomes detached from everybody, feel lonely, have low self-esteem and confidence, anxiety disorders, and have a high chance of drug addiction.


The selection of the parenting style by parents greatly influences a child’s overall development in life. So, it is the responsibility of parents to choose the best parenting style, as the life of their child depends greatly upon this particular decision of theirs.


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