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Cufflinks for men’s fashion forefront

Sleeve buttons or cufflinks as they are called, are something that adds a sense of style to your dressing. Those smart looking; impressive buttons on your sleeves solve a purpose of keeping the cuffs tight and at place but majority of men prefer using cufflinks for their style to their usefulness. Men have a few choices when it comes to dressing when compared to their female counterparts. All they can use to accentuate their look is to wear a wristwatch, a tiepin, belt, and the most impressive – cufflinks.

Accessories come and go; new ones take the place of old ones, but certain accessories do not go away with time and they stay like forever. Cufflinks belong to this class of accessories, whose use had fallen down but now it is reappearing with full vigor into men’s fashion forefront. Many men feel like wearing cufflinks but they are not sure as to how and with what they should wear them. This article intends to clear this confusion of all you men regarding cufflinks.

Cufflinks have a design to suit French cuff shirts, and not your everyday shirts that already have button cuffs on them. Cuff links look extremely formal, though you get formal button cuff shirts as well but French cuffs add a sense of sophistication to your formal dressing. Men can choose from these four types of cufflinks:

Torpedo cufflinks

These are the most commonly used cufflinks and have a usual design of a decorative face with a plain clip beneath that helps you to keep your cuffs in place. You just need to push them a bit and place the clip on place. They work very well for a simple and elegant look; at the very least, they get the job done without seeming out of place.

Bar cufflinks

These cufflinks have the simplest design of two decorative balls joined by a bar. Normally, the halves have a plain design but they also come with stripes and other designs. Unlike a torpedo cufflink, bar cufflinks do not have any moving parts and are easy to use cuff fasteners.

Chain link cufflinks

This is the most formal in all cufflinks. Chain link cufflink is a design involving two decorative faces joined by a chain. You do not get to see many men dressed formal with chain link cufflinks, as only few men opt them for big occasions.

Silk knots

Silk knots are also known as monkey’s fists, and it is a low-maintenance option for men. Silk knots have a beautiful shape formed by tying strands of elastic to form two equal knots that are joined together. Men can wear silk knots as a part of their daily formal wear. They come in a wide assortment of colors, so you can mix and match them to compliment you tie or that pocket square of yours.

Before going to buy cufflinks for yourself, consider your wardrobe. You should know what colored shirts and coats you have, as it plays a great role in the selection of cufflinks. If you have light colors like whites, pinks, then buy cufflinks in burgundy or brown color, gold plated cufflinks will also be good. For the darker tone shirts in your wardrobe like the browns and blacks, buy cufflinks that have blue, silver, or green tone. Silver cufflinks look superb with your black shirt.

Besides colors, you should take into consideration the shape of the cufflinks. For not so formal events you can wear rounded and curvy cufflinks, whereas cufflinks with straight lines and geometrical shapes you should leave for more formal events. The cufflinks you wear must match to your tie or bow tie.

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