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Fashion week micro trends you need to keep an eye out for

It is always fun to incorporate a particular fashion trend to your existing sense of style, which definitely spice up your existing monotonous look. In order to follow a particular fashion trend you need to examine it based on your body type and your own fashion statement. You can only carry off a trend well f it suits your body type and if you feel comfortable in it. Many fashion trends come and go and one such trend is called a “micro trend”. Do not go by the name, as this is a trend that requires you to be very cautious with its adoption.

We call this trend micro because we find it within a big trend. A micro trend generally has a short life like one season, which is why people think it useless to spend over this short-lived trend. Sometimes it becomes hard to distinguish between a trend and a micro trend, as sometimes magazines publish both the trends together.

One thing that can help you do this distinction is to understand the nature of trend. If the trend seems strange and eccentric, chances are that it is a micro trend. If you think, a particular trend will make you look like a clown or probably as if, or the clothing and design seems pretty bold even by generous standards, then it is most likely that you are seeing a micro trend.

Micro trends use unusual shapes, patterns and colors. It calls for doing things that are not normal and common, like to wear a jacket full of glitters, using fluorescent color on your hair, or the use of a strange colored lip-gloss. Celebrities and models carry off micro trend pretty well, as even the strangest things look good on them.

However, the same does not apply for us common people in everyday settings. We need to be very sure about the stuff that we wear. So, following are some micro trends that we common people can follow:


This micro trend has deep vintage roots. Pallazo pants are big and bold and are perfect to wear on hot summer days. Paired with high heels, you can wear palazzo pants cool relaxed day out.

Slogan T – Shirts

One of the major hits at the Fashion week was the slogan t-shirts. They are a perfect way to put across or to voice out your feelings. As you see more and more celebrities wearing t-shirts with a slogan on it, the trend is very much in and this trend is an ideal mix of style and casual look.

Statement Boots

Boots go with just anything you wear, but they become classier if you have designer boots. Imagine having boots full of glitter, boots with animal prints, and backless boots, it seems to be so much fun. So, now onwards do not wear plain boots, wear these statement boots with unique designs.

Statement tights

Leggings with vibrant colors and crazy patterns actually look good and even non-celebrities can carry them off really well. You can style it with a crop top or a long top, which generally depends on your body shape. They go well with flats, and they do not look bad with the heels either.

Indigenous prints

Moroccan prints are captivating fashion conscious people big time. Those brilliant colored tile designs, intricate prints, quatrefoil lattice, embroidered embellishments on side panels make them so much eye pleasing that hardly anybody can resist the temptation to incorporate this particular style in their dressing. Kaftan covers and headscarves with fabulous Moroccan print are very famous.


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