High heels don’t necessarily have to bring pain

More than men, women fall for heels. They cannot resist the temptation of buying a nice pretty – looking pair of high heels they come across in a mall. Although they know that their relationship with high heels is a love-hate relation, but still they love buying them and wearing them. Women wear high heels and within hours their feet start paining like hell and it becomes awful to carry on like that for the entire day.

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Women love the taller and leaner look that high heels give them but not at the cost of discomfort and pain that comes complimentary with that pair of high heels that you buy.

This does not mean that you stop falling for high heels, rather learn some ways to make wearing high-heels a painless experience. If you have a penchant for high heels but hate it when it smothers your feet, following are some tips for you to learn:

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Make sure you are wearing the right size shoe

The foolish mistake that you can do with your high heels is not to have a right size. You should realize that the size of your foot changes over the years, especially after having kids your feet tend to grow a bit in size.

You should have your feet measured at least once a year, so you do not buy footwear with wrong sizes for yourself.

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Know your personal foot type

There are individual differences when it comes to foot type. The best way is to consult a podiatrist who can help you know your personal foot type, which will certainly help you to find out the best pair of shoe for yourself.

There are two types of foot, flat foot or a high-arch foot. When you buy a pair of high heels for yourself, do not forget to consider this difference because a heel with a high-arch design will be painful for a flat foot wearer and vice versa.

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The thicker the heel, the better

If you so love high heels then try to go for thicker heels and avoid thin heels. Especially, when you have to wear high heels for a longer period, it is better to wear thick heels as they are not painful and are comfortable.

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Avoid thin soles and opt a platform

High heels make the bottom of your feet sore, and the thin sole of your high heels is a major reason in making you uncomfortable. You need to buy high heels that have a thick sole, a rubbery platform that absorbs the pressure and your feet do not pain.

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Try a shoe with more coverage up top

The more coverage on top of your feet you have, the better it is for your feet. Try to get high heels that give a high top coverage to your feet, as it is in the high-heel boots.

It never bothers you to wear high heel boots even for an entire day because they are so comfortable. If you get the same design in high heels as well, it will make your high heel experience a least painful experience.

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Need more grip

To make high heels comfortable while wearing, you should ensure that they perfectly grip your feet. Sometimes the smooth sole becomes problematic, as it does not hold your feet firm and you tend to get blisters on your feet. In order to eliminate this possibility, you need to make the inside sole of your high heels rough.

You can use sandpaper or scissors to do the roughening, and then you will get a perfect grip and no more blisters.


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