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Fashion vocabulary that should be in your arsenal this summer

These days your outward appearance carries lots of weight. You have to look your stunning best if you want to create an impression. If you want to be absolute stylish this summer, there are few things that need to be taken care of. There are some styles which you should surely adopt so that you look trendy and are able to create that most important style statement.

Changing fashion style

How you carry what you wear is very important. The change in fashion trends is tremendous and today when one talks about fashion, the term is not limited to just your outfit, but also includes the accessories you wear and the way you style yourself. Gone are the days of conventional styling. Today, if you want to look fashionable you have to have the knack to wear things differently.

People’s perception of style and fashion has also changed. Fashion trends don’t change with the change in the year on your calendar. But today they change with the seasons. You just can’t afford to wear a full-sleeved T-shirt and a woolen cap on a summer evening and expect people to compliment your looks.

Today one does not pick up latest styles only from fashion books but the fashion channels and movies also have an important role to play. Only the one who can break the conventional barrier and look different can create a style statement. Today it is not about dressing to kill but it is about dressing up to look cool. Similarly, you need to be accustomed to the fashion lingo if you don’t want to look like a nerd.

Fashion terms to use for the perfect style in summer

  • Tuck up your hair

You have heard about tucking your shirt well similarly to look cool and polished just tuck up your tresses in your neckline. Whether it is a shirt or a sweater just squeeze those locks in it and look super cool.

  • Be a normcore

This means to wear a normal outfit but designed such that it looks unique. This could be like wearing a normal mini skirt or shorts and then wearinga loose bigger sized T-shirt and covering up the shorts. This type of attire has a specific term called lampshading and it surely looks hot.

  • The Dad Way

Get those typical jeans and tight fitting T shirts and sports shoes from your Dad’s wardrobe and flaunt that sporty look which looks awesome.

  • Those cool mesh sneakers

They not only give you that cool girl look but have multipurpose use. You can wear it for your workout or even match it up with your shorts and go out with them for a casual outing.

  • Groutfits

This term means Gray outfits but they so well designed that though the entire attire has only shades of Gray even then it looks simply superb.

  • Neckssorizing

In this,your neck needs to be covered with just about anything like scarves,bandanas etc. This is the thing that gives a different yet lovely look to your entire outfit.

  • Twist effect with wrap and tuck

In this simply cross each side of your shirt and then push it inside your pants. It gives a twisted look. This style surely looks superb.

These are some of the fashion terms and styles that you need to follow to look cool in summer 2016. To catch up with the latest terminologies make sure that you keep reading about the latest trends and styles.


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