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Show off your best features and look with your spring style

With winter gone, you need no longer worry about covering that beautiful body under layers and layers of clothes. Spring is back again and with it, comes the chance to flaunt your favorite dresses. The season also gives you the perfect opportunity to show off your best features, something you can do with the right dresses. So here are some vital pointers you need to follow when hunting around for the right dresses to flaunt that fab body of yours this spring.

Dresses for your cleavage

Got a drop dead perfect cleavage you love to flaunt? Then show it off with panache with a fitted number that shows off your best assets nicely. A word of advice here, go for a zip front option as a buttoned up top can create awkward gaps between the buttons. If you don’t like something too tight, get along with a silk blouse with a plunging neckline that still allows you to show off your cleavage.

Dresses for your shoulders

Some of us are naturally blessed with shoulders to die for. If you are one of them, consider showing them off instead of hiding them beneath the clothes. An off-shoulder top will give just the right amount of skin show while not making you look too obscene. Make it racier by opting for ribbon straps that will draw attention to your shoulders.

Dresses for your waist

Have a naturally slim and curvy waist? Choose to highlight it with fit and flare dresses. These dresses are tight at the waist but flare down towards the knees. High waist trousers are also great for thin waists, especially if you choose a flowy one that keeps the attention on your perfect waist. Another chic way to transform an otherwise loose dress into a body hugging one is to team it with a belt that will catch the fabric at the midsection and keep it there, thus giving you the perfect figure.

Of course that doesn’t leave out the innumerable low waist jeans and skirts you can wear to your satisfaction, just because you have the perfect waist.

Dresses for your hips, thighs and butts

Got a nice pair of legs teamed with just the perfect butt? Show off the combination with a nice pair of athletic leggings or tights. Choose ones that come with stripes on the sides to accentuate your curves better. High waist, fitted jeans also play a crucial role in highlighting your firm butt and shapely legs. Another option is the fail proof tailored midi skirt that can be teamed with just about anything to make your thighs and hips look awesome.

Dresses for your back

Have a perfectly curved back that is simply punished by being covered all the time? Choose to give it some freedom in the form of tops and dresses with plunging backs. You can also play a little bit of peek-a-boo with lace back tops that reveal just the right amount of skin you want. Of course, showing off your back means you need to ensure that your breasts are supported in front with a backless bra.

Dresses for your legs and ankles

If you have some really good looking ankles, consider showing them off with style in midi skirts that stop at the lower calf. Skirts and dresses with slits that stop right near your thighs are also great ways to show off your legs without too much skin show. Try some tulip or envelope skirts that draw interest to your legs and ankles as well.

Dressing to kill is not a crime, especially since the spring brings with it everything colorful and fresh. Choose from these options and many more to wear the right kinds of dresses to flaunt your best features this spring.


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