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Learn To Raise Emotionally Intelligent Children

The ability of a person to handle his or her anger, frustration, anxiety and fear in the best possible manner is termed as emotional intelligence. Teaching your kids how to manage their feelings enhances their emotional intelligence. This skill enables them to make right decisions in different situations and attain contentment.

An intelligent child is very likely to have intense emotions and creative children are found to be more sensitive. Emotional intelligence supports their growth and development. This post discusses how parents can raise more emotionally intelligent kids.

Emotional Intelligence in Children

An emotionally intelligent child is capable of experiencing a wide range of emotions and expresses their emotions aptly in words. Moreover, they can relate their behavior with certain emotions, like crying with sadness, laughing with joy and screaming with anger. More importantly, they rationally analyze their feelings and the actions they want to take before reacting. In addition, they learn how to get along with friends or a group of people. Emotional intelligence has an impact of all aspects of a child’s growth.

The Psychology behind Emotional Intelligence

The psychological needs of children are connected with their emotional intelligence. Primarily, a child’s psychological needs are physiological safety, love, kindness, esteem and motivation. When parents understand the psychological needs of their children and responds to them, the young ones start feeling more confident.

Quite naturally, they gain in-depth understanding of emotions and how they are connected with each other. A clearer perception of emotions gives children the ability to control them, achieving best outcomes.

For attending to the psychological needs of children, parents should give them sufficient encouragement and support. Instead of ordering them around or directing them, give them choices. Let them select the story they want to hear at bed time, or the book they want to read or the breakfast they would like to have. In this way they will learn about decision making. Praise your kids when they show a spark of talent or creativity. Also, let your kids learn through the trial and error method. Helping them in all their tasks will prevent them from enjoying a sense of accomplishment on succeeding.

Nurture Emotionally Intelligent Kids

The first step towards raising emotionally intelligent kids is empathizing with them. Parents often expect adult maturity or complete obedience from children. Instead you should try to look at things from their perspective. Communicate with them more so that they know you value their feelings.

Treat them as individuals with intelligence and feelings so they develop empathy too towards others. Encourage your children to express themselves more. The more transparent and vocal they are about their feelings, sorting and controlling those feelings will be easier.

Steps Parents Can Take

There are some steps that every parent can take for the emotional development of their children. Begin by participating in different activities with them. Playing games that they like and doing things they enjoy will help the kids open up. When you need to scold them instead of screaming, explain what they did wrong. They should know why a punishment has been given to them. Often kids need facts for fully understanding situations.

Give them all the necessary facts so they comprehend situations and circumstances. Do not dismiss their feelings as that will make them feel worse. If your child is crying or throwing tantrum tell them that you know what has upset them. With empathy and support any child can learn to control negative emotions.

Emotional intelligence can be developed in a child with tender care and understanding. How parents behave around a child plays a big role in developing their young minds. Encourage children to show their emotions and guide them in properly dealing with these emotions. Of course, kids become more empathetic when they receive love and support from parents.


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