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Choosing a wedding dress for a bride’s figure

It may be a stressful time for some to choose a suitable wedding dress for a bride’s shape but thankfully, we have tips to simplify the process for them. There’s so much to bear in mind when the search for ‘the one’ begins and these include the location and style of the wedding itself and also whether it’s going to be a summer wedding or not.

The wedding dress should also accentuate a bride’s best features as the gown will be the centre of attention when the bride makes her appearance at her wedding ceremony. Indeed, brides will want their dress to leave a lasting impression on the guests for years to come and so choosing the right one can be difficult.

Best wedding dresses for brides with hourglass figure

Designer wedding dresses come in all shapes and sizes and are not only ‘on-trend’ and fashionable, but are available in a variety of body shapes too. For instance, brides with an hourglass figure have the perfect balance between their hips and a bust line which needs to be shown off to the fullest; this means opting for a dress that accentuates the waist, so these will include either a concert dress or one with an integrated bodice, for instance. Brides with an hourglass figure should really avoid ballgown dresses and Empire line gowns since these will simply add weight to their hips and bust.

Brides with apple figure need peculiar wedding dresses

For brides with an apple figure, those are ladies with a little bit of stomach, rounder hips and larger breasts, they need to choose a dress that will highlight their features so dresses for them will necessarily include a ball gown and Empire line dress. They can also opt to draw out their shape by using dropped waist dresses.

Both slim and short brides, this one is for you

For brides who are petite, tall or slim then they will need to choose a wedding dress style that brings attention to their slender shape and they could look closely at a sheath dress, for instance. With the help of beading in the right places, they will create the illusion of having a shapely figure and taller brides will look great in just about any style of wedding dress except, perhaps, those gowns with Empire line designs.

Again, brides with a petite frame should look at sheath dresses since they will appear taller whereas mermaid dresses and gowns will make them appear shorter than they actually are.

Whenever a bride is looking for in a wedding dress then by booking an appointment at a boutique, they can utilise the experience of the shop owner and staff to find a gown that really suits their body shape. They do need to do it look tremendous on their wedding day.

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