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10 Style Trends And Looks That Are In This Winter

Winter is in full swing – and even if we were to be buried in layers of clothing, fashion can’t be dead! Here is a list of some winter trends that will be very much in vogue this year. These items can easily be considered as wardrobe staples for the season and must definitely find a place in your closet if you want to be hailed as the next diva on the block.

Skinny Jeans

There is something so magical about the way skinny jeans complement almost every outfit that you wear. These jeans are considered perfect for the winter, thanks to their body hugging silhouette and the way they keep you warm even if you feel as if you are wearing nothing at all. There is also the fact that you can maximize the layers on top while keeping it to a minimum with a pair of skinny jeans and still rock the look totally! Planning on buying something this winter? Grab onto these go-to pants and you can definitely not go wrong with your choice of clothing this winter.

Turtleneck Tops

Why opt for bulky sweaters when you can opt for a sexy looking turtleneck top to sport during the cold winter months? The turtleneck look works well with almost everything from a pair of casual jeans or a sweater to a sleeveless dress or flowing skirt. In addition to upping your style quotient considerably, these tops will keep your neck warm and snug all winter.

Cashmere Sweaters

Winters and sweaters go hand in hand. A cashmere sweater offers the perfect layering opportunity to style your winter wardrobe to perfection. The sweater can look great with shirts and can be paired with jeans, midi skirts, leather pants, printed trousers and jeans, etc. for an edgy look.

Leather Jackets

Winters are the perfect time to flaunt those long, flowy leather jackets with style. A leather jacket can be worn with any outfit, and adds an instant edge to the same almost instantly. So get your hands on a leather jacket and transform any of your outfits from drab to fab overnight.

Jumper Dresses

Jumper dresses, especially knitted ones offer the perfect excuse for you to flaunt your legs without feeling like a popsicle. There are several variants of the jumper dress, including loose or form fitting styles. You can also pair a jumper dress with a winter coat or tights for the outdoors.


Ditch the standard pocket sized scarf and opt for the newest trend in town; blanket wrap scarves. These are bigger than your standard scarves and can be worn over an outfit in myriad ways. While a multiple wrap is preferred for a more professional look, simply throwing the scarf carelessly over the shoulder offers a look that is hard to beat in terms of casual and chic.


While winters may see many patterns emerging on sweaters, tops and trousers, the newest winter trend this year pertains to the use of surreal stripes on clothing to create a unique look. You can start off with a linear look and then combine different colors and textures to obtain the stripes pattern. Instead of settling for the plain old horizontal or vertical stripes, consider going the creative way with patchwork, contrasting layers and asymmetry.


Winter clothing no doubt, has to be made of thick material in order to protect the body from the harsh cold weather. One such fabric that is heavy, dramatic and still stylish enough to be used for a winter outfit is velvet. The material can easily accommodate itself into a number of designs and can lend a really unique look to your winter wardrobe.

Hiking Boots

Hiking boots are all set to create a great winter trend this year. Available in a multitude of colors and styles, these hiking boots help you move around effortlessly  on the snow and ice as you flaunt the rest of your outfit.

Ankle Boots

And then we have the ankle boots, another staple in a winter wardrobe. These versatile shoes are ever so stylish, and can be easily paired with tights for a good to go winter look.

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