6 Things To Remember When You Buy a Jacket This Season

Now that winter is just round the corner, you will probably start taking out all those stored away winter clothes and start purchasing some new clothing items for the cold season as well. If you are thinking of purchasing a jacket this season, take note that it is not as easy as walking away with a jacket the moment you enter a shop.

You will need to go through several intricate details before purchasing a jacket for the winter.  A quality coat is one that requires significant thought before purchase and can remain your best friend for more than one terribly cold winter. Accordingly, here are some of those considerations you will need to take note of when purchasing a jacket this season.

The Silhouette

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You may be tempted to buy a jacket that reflects the latest style or trend doing the rounds in the fashion circuit. But remember this, the jacket will remain with you even after all these trends phase out, meaning you may end up with a not so ‘wow’ looking jacket down the lane.

This is ok if you consider buying a jacket every winter. However, if you are intent of buying a jacket which you can use for several winters, consider opting for a classic silhouette. This offers a timeless style and value to your jacket with time and can always make you look chic no irrespective of current styles and trends. Some classic pieces you can opt for include a Chesterfield coat, polo coat, duffel coat or a pea coat.

The Thickness

The thickness of the jacket will also help you determine which one you want to buy for winter. When shopping for one, ask for an overcoat that can be worn over a winter ensemble. You will not want to opt for a greatcoat which is bulkier or a topcoat which is lighter. It is always wise to check the weight of the jacket by wearing it and walking around a bit before giving the final nod. This will ensure that you get a coat that can be easily layered over your winter ensemble without suffocating you.

The Level of Warmth

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The level of warmth you require will reflect on your choice of jacket for the cold season. High quality wool coats are great for outdoor, regular use while a cashmere jacket can work well for special occasions. Then again, there is the jacket made of thinner wool with a layer of Thinsulate added for extra warmth that you can choose for a slimmer look. It all boils down to how warm you want to feel when you step outside the house in the midst of freezing cold temperatures.

The Proper Size and Fit

Another thing you need to consider when buying a jacket for winter is to adjudge the proper size and fit of the coat beforehand. The size of the jacket depends on how many layers of clothes you want to wear underneath it. For instance, if you want the jacket to cover only a light sweater and an undershirt, you can opt for a regular sized jacket. However, if you prefer to layer up quite a bit and then wear a jacket over everything, you will need to opt for a jacket that is a few sizes larger.  Also ensure to opt for full sleeved coats that can cover the sleeves of your blazer as well as shirt cuff in order to prevent the cold from seeping in.

The Length

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Although short jackets were in vogue a few years back, lengthier jackets are making a comeback this season. The standard rule however, is to go for a fitted jacket that stops at the knees. If you are tall, opt for jackets that stop at the knees or go below but not higher. The reverse effect applies for short individuals who need to stay away from long jackets that may make them look oversized.

The Insulation

Winter jackets usually feature two types of insulation, down feathers or synthetic fibers. The higher the thickness of insulation, the warmer you will feel. While the main insulator used in many jackets is down feathers, they can get a bit clumpy when wet.In this case, you will need to opt for a jacket that comes with an additional waterproofing layer, either a chemical treatment applied to the feathers or an extra DWR coating at the exterior. This offers a bit more respite in damp conditions. 

From the size and fit to the length and the thickness, these pointers will ensure that you buy a jacket that remains durable and ready to use for many winters.


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