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7 Ways You Can Upcycle Old Furniture and Save a Pretty Penny

Most of us just dispose of stuff that seems to be useless. But in today’s world of recycling and eco friendliness, one needs to adopt the concept of upcycling which can help you convert a useless piece of old furniture into a new masterpiece.

  1. Transform your cast iron bathtub into a sofa

cast iron bathtub into a sofa

You may be fed up with that cast iron bathtub that you have been using for ages. But keep in mind that cast iron is durable. Therefore, instead of dumping it just get it cut into half and decorate this with good looking cushions. This makes a comfortable and unique sofa which you can place in the front room or even in the patio.

  1. Convert the old doors into tables

old doors into tables

If you have been wondering what to do with the old wooden doors that you have replaced just recently then here is way of upcycling them. You can take a large portion of the door and add legs to it. Add a glass top to it. Sand it or stain it. Paint it up well and your brand new dining table is ready. Similarly, you can also make coffee tables by making use of small portions of the wooden door.

  1. Change your wooden crates into book shelves

wooden crates into book shelves

Most of us have wooden crates lying around. You get these durable crates when you buy stuff in bulk and then you just do not know what to do with it. You can cover these wooden crates with a nice looking cloth or simply paint it and stack books, newspapers and magazines neatly. Place these dainty looking book and newspaper holders next to your coffee table or sofas.

  1. Don’t dump those filing cabinets

filing cabinets

With everything being online, our future will surely be paperless. But then what does one do with all those nice filing cabinets which are soon becoming a thing of the past? Well, no need of throwing them away. You can polish them and place them in the kitchen to store a number of things like utensils, kitchenware etc. You can also add a good looking marble top to the cabinet and place it in the bathroom to store towels,soaps,bathrobes etc.

  1. Convert the nostalgic travel trunks into storage cupboards

nostalgic travel trunks into storage cupboards

Travel trunks are a thing of the past. Many of us must be having one or two travel trunks lying somewhere in the house. Do not dump them. Instead colour them well and place it next to you bed to keep your books, nightdress, your spectacles etc. Similarly, you can use these trunks in your kitchen and even bathroom to store excess stuff.

  1. Convert your old drawers into side tables

old drawers into side tables

If you have an old drawer, then you can easily convert it into a side table by adding four wooden legs to it. You can also place the drawer in your kitchen or in your bedroom and place essential stuff in it like clothes, magazines etc. You can also use it as a shoe stand.

  1. Ladder to dry your clothes

ladder to dry your clothes

If your old ladder is now too old to take you to new heights then simply colour it and place it in the backyard to dry towels and clothes. If the ladder is a small one, then you can place it in the kitchen to place the tea towels. In the bedroom you can use it to hang your blankets and bedsheets.

If you want to have innovative furniture in a cost-effective way, then upcycling your old furniture is an excellent solution.


Dr Prem Jagyasi

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