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Dark Chocolates are the fantasy that one always can binge anytime. Chocolates are now termed as deserts instead of sweets and any other type of sugar. Chocolate means dark chocolates. But when it comes dark […]


In today’s stressful world where meetings, traffic jams take up a lot of your energy- just getting to work and keeping up with daily schedule becomes a drill, you are left all tired and exhausted,

Green Tea – Miracle Herb

Know the latest guide for choosing daily food items. As colorful and as healthy as ever, here is the latest model of healthy eating. The traditional food guide pyramid has been now replaced by the

My food guide plate

Two tasty recipes from a leading chef that have been formulated with good health in mind Quintessential Cuisine Fortunately, staying in tip-top condition isn’t necessarily all about subjecting yourself to vigorous workout regimes, as a

Quintessential Cuisine

Watching what you eat is essential to get the results you are after. Fitness First offers some sound dietary advice Seven Tips for the Right Diet when Exercising Whether you are a seasoned gym junkie

Eat Well when Exercising

Eating a raw food diet is a popular new trend. We look at the health benefits – and potential pitfalls – of putting your stove into storage   The Raw Food Diet In the first

Going Raw

A selection of healthy raw food recipes to tantalise your taste buds.     A raw food diet is gaining attention as a healthy way of eating. Proponents of the uncooked trend include celebrities from

Healthy Recipes

Exercising extreme restriction only leads to frustration. Instead, first cut down on portion size of high fat foods that you feel like gorging on and resisting is simply impossible. Enjoy your meals to the hilt.

Smart way to Diet

A special diet plan for people suffering from high blood pressure can make wonders in maintaining your blood pressure and reducing the risk of further health problems. The DASH diet, which stands for Dietary Approaches

DASH diet for hypertension
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