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Know the latest guide for choosing daily food items. As colorful and as healthy as ever, here is the latest model of healthy eating. The traditional food guide pyramid has been now replaced by the food guide plate.


With the recent declaration from the US Department of Agriculture, the latest representation of healthy eating is now the Food Guide plate. The food guide plate is more colorful appealing and above all easy to understand. With the increasing incidence of obesity and other lifestyle disorders, it appears as the original food guide pyramid was not attended properly by all. Moreover, many found it difficult to understand and had to be explained in order to make the right meaning.


But the latest food guide plate is simple and self explanatory. People can relate to it and easily use it as a reference for making healthier food choices.


My plate

The food guide plate has four sections with different colors. These sections represent the main food groups like fruits, vegetables, grains and proteins. It appears similar to a pie chart and the larger section suggests that the particular food group should be taken in large quantities. Similarly the smaller sections recommend smaller portions. Just besides the plate is a small circle, which represents the dairy products.


Some conclusions that can be drawn from the present food guide plate are that:

  • Daily intake of these main food groups is essential;
  • Controlling portion size is equally important;
  • All food groups should be consumed according to the suggested portion;
  • Fruits and vegetables should comprise half of the portion in your plate;
  • Dairy is an important part and should be taken in proportion.

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