Control symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis with Alternative Therapies

Read to know how alternative therapies can be helpful in alleviating the symptoms of Multiple sclerosis, an inflammatory disease of nervous system.

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an inflammatory disease of nervous system, involving brain and spinal cord that generally affects young people aged 20 to 40 years old. The patient of MS may have various symptoms related to involvement of the nerve such as visual disturbances, muscle weakness, trouble with coordination and balance, sensations such as numbness, prickling or “pins and needles”, as well as thinking and memory problems.  At present there is no specific treatment to cure multiple sclerosis is available, but variety of treatments are used to slow down the progress of the disease and alleviate the associated symptoms. However, exercise, meditation, supplements and the food plan can help to improve the lifestyle of patients.


Many people suffering from MS had been benefited with common alternative therapies including massage, reflexology, hydrotherapy, homeopathy, dietary interventions, reiki, yoga and acupuncture. Let’s discuss about these therapies role in controlling the symptoms of MS


Dietary Interventions plays major role in controlling the symptom. Patient is advised to take the diet that is   low in fat, full of fresh wholesome foods and without white sugar (or very little sugar). In addition to that dietary supplements such as omega -3 oils and antioxidant vitamins are found beneficial in reducing the symptoms. You should consult a physician before starting any particular type of diet.


Massage will help you to maintain flexibility and reduce spasticity. It also helps to relax and reduce stress and depression that can aggravate the symptoms. Many studies have shown that Reflexology (form of massage that involves stimulation point on the feet) can improve the symptoms significantly. However, patient who has developed osteoporosis (bone thinning) should be careful while receiving massage.


Acupuncture some people with MS had reported that the acupuncture had alleviated many symptoms such as pain, muscle spasms or bladder control problems. It may help to enhance immune function and normalize digestion. However, there have been no scientific studies to confirm that acupuncture is safe for people with MS. The risk of infection is also associated with acupuncture as the therapy involves puncturing of body with needles.


Hydrotherapy, in many cases Hydrotherapy treatments including hot tubs, saunas, cold and hot packs and other treatments that rely on water had been found effective in reducing symptoms of MS.


Homoeopathy– is a science based on theory of similia. Many patients have found over all reduction in symptoms and improved lifestyle after taking homoeopathic treatment. The professional homoeopath prescribes the medicine after having the detail information about the patient’s physical, emotional and psychological make up. The risk of side effects with homoeopathic medicine is rare.


The other alternative therapy such as yoga, meditation and reiki helps patient to come out from depression. They had been found significantly effective in relieving the anxiety disorder.


Discuss about the therapy with your doctor if you do decide to try an alternative therapy.


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Multiple sclerosis is an inflammatory diseases of our sensory system (Nervous system including brain and spinal cord)

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