How you can deal with an medical condition without it impacting your professional performance

Keeping up with all you have to do professionally is hard enough, adding an injury or sickness to the mix compounds this difficulty. The best thing that you can do is divert your mind and keep up with your work. It will not only distract you from the hardships you are dealing with; however, it will help you to succeed in your work as well. If you physically hurt, and you still produce the highest numbers in a department, you could find yourself on the fast track to a promotion. Not allowing your injury/sickness to impact you is going to be hard but as long as you are proactive about your production, it is more than possible. The following are tips to help you keep producing at work even though you are dealing with a lot personally.

Do Not Hide Anything from Management

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It is not advisable to hide an injury or sickness from your employer. The best thing to do is to be honest with them as most of the time they will be accommodating.  The possibility of losing your job comes in when you cannot be productive at all. However, if there is a chance for you to continue working in the midst of your healing phase, then the management will work out something keeping your comfort in mind.

In the cases of chronic health conditions like Crohn’s disease, your employer might be more understanding if you take more than an average share of restroom breaks. Some injuries do not affect your job performance even if you cannot hide them. For example, the performance of a computer programmer with an injured back will not be affected that much. The only thing he/she would need to do is either lay down or stand while working.

Don’t Fall Behind on Treatment or Rehabilitation

Undergoing your treatment completely or opting or rehabilitation helps in pain management.  Working a full time job during your recovery phase can be challenging especially when you are in the midst of your treatment.  Rehabilitation is a huge commitment on the road of recovery; it is also important since it helps in the healing process such a way that the injury does not occur again. Your employer might understand for a certain amount of time; however, if the recovery time is longer than expected, then you may have to consider the options open for you. The most important thing that you can do during rehab is to push yourself hard but not to the point of injuring yourself again. If you need to take a few minutes during the workday, your employer will not mind as long as you make up for the lost time. AICA Orthopedics can help put you on a plan to help fix your injury if necessary then will provide an extensive rehabilitation program.

If possible work from home a few says a week

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Unlike the olden days, today, there are a large number of jobs that can be done from home using a computer. The key here is to increase your production numbers or at least keep them at the level they were before your injury. Most employers are willing to allow an employee to work from home permanently if they can trust them to produce and hit the appropriate deadlines. This can open up other opportunities in management that you might have never thought of. You can be put in charge of training outsourced employees to work remotely in an efficient way. You can even train current employees trying to transition to working from home on the processes and ways to stay productive. Do not take advantage of being able to work from home as it quickly can be taken away. Working from home will allow you to heal in a much faster way than having to exert yourself going into the office daily.

Stay Motivated

Being injured or sick can impact your motivation immensely as you already feel like you are dealing with enough without worrying about work. Use whatever situation you are in as a motivation that you can thrive despite everything working against you. Take the time to set goals for your recovery as well as for your job performance. If you can conquer both of these things then things will be much easier when you only have to deal with work. Listen to a podcast or YouTube motivational video when you are feeling like you cannot succeed. It will make much more of a difference than you can imagine.

Being injured or sick is terrible and even worse when you have to keep up appearances at work. Do not let whatever has happened to you impact your career in a negative way but rather use it as motivation. If you can thrive while injured professionally, you will dominate when you are healthy.

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