These Cell Phone Radiation Effects On The Human Body Are Shocking

Mobile phones are everywhere today. They seem to have essentially become an extension of our bodies and as such there are growing concerns about the ill effects of these gadgets on the human body and mind. Studies are showing some drastic results, ranging from cell phone radiation effects to debilitating functioning of the eyes and even the mind.  The issue at hand is that mobile phones are more than just talking devices now- they are more important than wallets, which means it isn’t just a case of putting it aside for good. However, they are already being blamed for a host of issues  – ranging from being a source of a nuisance at dinner tables to being the cause of loss of concentration. It is time we look at the issue at large: the harmful effects of cell phone radiation and other health issues that you need to be aware of.

Cell Phone radiation effects on the body

Research has been conducted since the 80s on harmful waves emitting from mobile phones and everything from cell phone radiation cancer to brain tumors have been mentioned as possibilities. There have even been possible links between radiation exposure from devices and lower sperm count in men. Cell phone radiation effects have often also been emphasized with many US government researches, showing a correlation between cancer and cell phone radiation; but having their own sets of important caveats to go along with it. One reason a definite answer hasn’t been found is that despite being so common, cell phones are still a recent innovation – barely going back two decades. However, this does not discount the probability of harmful radiation effects on bodies, especially when you consider that today it is increasingly common for even young children to be around mobile gadgets.

The rat experiment shows that cell phone radiation cancer is a possibility

cancer cell

The US government did a research on cell phone radiation effects on rats and the results were widely publicized and reported in the media. It was found that male rats that were exposed to high levels of radiation from a mobile device developed cancerous tumors in the heart region. Strangely enough, mice and female rats did not develop any such tumor upon exposure. This at least proves that cell phone radiation cancer is a real possibility in mammals. This raises some important questions about mobile devices and their impact on the human body. Another point to note is that the kind of tumor developed due to radiation on the male rats was similar to a cancerous tumor of heavy duty cell phone users. However, the US Food and Drug Administration stated that these findings should not be related to human beings because the rats were exposed to extreme radiation levels.

Another harmful effect of mobile phone on human health

effect of the cell phones on the eyes

Apart from cell phone radiation, there is a host of the effect of mobile phone on human health, which should be a cause of some concern.  The effect of the cell phones on the eyes has been well documented- up to forty percent of adults and a staggering eighty percent of teenagers suffer from eye strain and fatigue due to too much contact with the screen.  This also results in varying degrees of insomnia. A study conducted in America between the years 2009 and 2015 found that teenagers were reporting lesser sleeping hours each passing year due to spending more time on their mobile phones. Sleep deprivation can lead to a host of problems and gadgets are the main reason for it today. Another effect of mobile phone on human health is the chance of contacting a bacteria or virus due to our smartphone touching the germ-infested surroundings so often. It is easy to get exposed to germs through our mobile gadgets.

Final thoughts


The jury is out on whether cell phone radiation effects are a cause for concern, but it is better to be aware of the issue. Measures are already being taken- in December of 2017, the California Department of Public health issued a public guidance on how consumers can minimize exposure to cellular frequencies and even stated specifically that children lay off mobile phones. It is easy to panic and ponder whether too much usage will cause sperm count issues or lead to a tumor, but keeping updated on news feeds and taking certain precautions will only help the individual. Mobile phones are a part of our daily lives today, so it would be tough to simply put them aside. But a more measured approach will only be beneficial. The side effects of mobile phone radiation need to be understood and kept a tab on if we are to co-exist harmlessly with our mobile phones.

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