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Here Is How Ace Inhibitors Work


Since mid-1980s after its discovery, the Angiotensin Converting Enzyme (ACE) inhibitors have been well- acknowledged for their application in the treatment of coronary heart diseases and congestive heart failure. According to the statistical analysis, around 6-7 million people are suffering from the heart issues in a developed country like America. Studies have discovered how ace inhibitors work in managing functional attributes of heart; and many of these randomized ace inhibitors trials have evidently proven that they reduce the blood pressure and relax blood vessels, in order to improve the flow of oxygenated blood towards the heart. This, in turn, increases the efficiency of your pumping heart, by passing more oxygenated blood to rest of the body.

Experts have in this regard, suggested some of the medicines, like Captopril, Enalapril, Lisinopril, etc. which act as coronary artery disease ace inhibitors, can be combined with some common diuretic for the enhanced outcome.

How ace inhibitors work?

blood flow

When the pumping efficiency of the heart is reduced, there are chances towards its failure. Studies have investigated that the heart has to work harder due to the limited blood supply and increased blood pressure. This functional inability of the heart may lead to backing up of pure blood in heart and lungs.

Ace inhibitors are targeted to block the actions of enzymes, which are directly involved in the narrowing of blood vessels. This blockage further allows relaxation and widening of a blood vessel in order to increase the supply of oxygenated blood to different other parts of the body and lowers the blood pressure. Besides, these medicines also prevent further retention of water and salt in the body.

What is the role of ace inhibitors in heart failure?

heart attack

Ace inhibitors are commonly being prescribed to relieve symptoms associated with heart failure. Some of the commonly reported clinical outcomes of ace inhibitors are the prevention of fluid buildup and swelling due to fluid retention. Majority of patients, who have been prescribed ace inhibitors have reported to live longer and stay away from the hospital. If you are still not sure about how ace inhibitors work, you can get complete information about this from your cardiologist. However, doctors generally don’t prescribe this drug if:

  • You are allergic to ace inhibitors
  • High level of potassium is detected in your blood
  • You have low blood pressure, along with the symptoms of weakness and dizziness
  • You are pregnant
  • Suffering from certain types of kidney disorders

Some of the commonly reported side effects are:

  • A dry cough
  • Rash or Itching
  • Allergic symptoms
  • Unusual swelling all over the body
  • High potassium level due to kidney failure
  • Low blood pressure

Although, very few side effects have been reported by ace inhibitors. A dry cough and itching are the most common ones.

We have so far seen how ace inhibitors work and what are their side effects. However, if we combine them with some natural remedies that we can incorporate in our day to day life, we can surely achieve symptomatic relief from a heart issue.

Some dietary changes

Garlic diet

Although it may sound counter-intuitive, it is being evident that people suffering from the cardiac issue and don’t know how ace inhibitors work. More emphasize should be towards consumption of garlic, onion, celery, and other vegetables and fibers, which have proven to lower blood pressure and are proven to be better for a healthy heart.



People who are suffering from heart trouble should consume food supplements with higher magnesium content, as the element is identified to be suitable for irregular heartbeats. Besides supplements like vitamin C helping in cellular metabolism, Vitamin E as antioxidants, Vitamin B for improved heart function along with creatinine and fish oil has been analyzed to have a profound impact on coronary artery disease ace inhibitors.



Research has suggested that flexibility, strength training, and aerobics are the key exercise with drastic and immediate health benefits. It has been suggested that a person with diet maintenance, restricted salt intake, and regular exercise pattern can decrease the burden on the heart, leading towards prolonged life.

Thus, along with the dietary changes suggested herewith, it has been always advised to get a regular checkup of your blood pressure and kidney health to see the long-term benefits of ace inhibitors.

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