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Medication is one of the major factors influencing the entire treatment procedure. But in some circumstances the medication process can go horribly wrong creating peril for patients and in extreme cases, may even result in […]

medication management system

Communication plays a very important role in various steps of the treatment procedure. Often in the case of medical tourism patients hail from different parts of the world. For this reason the patient may experience

Communication and language issues in hospital

One must ensure that the hospital has a very sound patient identification system. This is vital for the proper treatment of the person who is ill. Some cases of misidentification of patients and the resultant

Medical identification bracelet

The hospital building- A number of aspects depend on the kind of building in which the hospital is run. While inspecting the hospital building, you should evaluate the following factors. •    The facilities for handicapped

The hospital building

The whole purpose of this chapter in dr PRem’s Guidebbok is to prove to patients the importance and benefits of seeking care at an established and accredited hospital. This is not to say that non-accredited

patient can evaluate the quality of a hospital

Each region around the world will have a different method and diverse processes to implement accreditation policies in their facility. The U.S has very strict accreditation regulations with the majority of hospitals being accredited by


Prior to accreditation regulations, staff members within a hospital just went about their daily routine of treating patients. However, with the ever changing landscape of medicine, new scientific discoveries are being revealed every day. A

Staff training and education by Accredited Hospital

The rate of hospital-acquired infections in most facilities is still at a level that is unacceptable. One of the biggest reasons for this is the lack of hand-washing by medical staff. Since patients come into

Hospital infection control

The process of medication management needs to be absolutely flawless with a less than 1% error rate. It has been observed that non-accredited facilities have a very low level of compliance when it comes to

medication management

One area where accreditation has drastically improved is in the field of medication management. Medication is clearly a crucial resource during the course of treatment which helps alleviate symptoms of the condition or treats the

field of medication management
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