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Communication and language issues in hospital

Communication and language issues in hospital

Communication plays a very important role in various steps of the treatment procedure. Often in the case of medical tourism patients hail from different parts of the world. For this reason the patient may experience a communication gap with doctors and the hospital administration. But smooth communication is very important at both ends for an effective treatment procedure. Patients must ensure that the hospital authorities offer all information in a language that you understand or offer translator services. But if there is any gap in understanding the language then often information can get misinterpreted and this can lead to chaos.

There needs to be a healthy two-way communication between patients and doctors. The doctor will instruct you on certain guidelines and it is your responsibility to adhere to these instructions for the betterment of your health. It is part of the healthcare system that you understand the instructions given by the doctor. The same holds true when you need to sign medical or legal documents with the hospital authorities.  As a patient, you will need to be made aware of all the clauses stipulated in the agreement.

You must not be constrained by the barriers of language while expressing your doubts and worries. On the other hand, the authorities and the hospitals must be ready to engage in extensive dialogue with you, to ensure you fully comprehend all matters related to your agreement. To cater to the queries of the patient is part of the duty of the hospital authorities. If this condition is not met, you are obligated to lodge a complaint against the concerned authorities.

Lastly, you must ensure that all the papers concerning the course of the treatment, billing and other consent letters, must be put down in writing. The hospital authorities may also provide electronic documents in some circumstances.

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