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Hospital Accreditation and Quality of Healthcare Guide for Consumer

Quality of Healthcare

Quality care is something every patient should seek. When you enter a healthcare facility, you should feel secure in the knowledge that you are entrusting your life in safe hands. This is especially relevant to healthcare providers who come into daily contact with the patient. However, quality transcends to much more than just medical care—you should also be ensured safety and security within the hospital, and be aware of your rights as a patient so that you receive nothing but the ultimate in care.

When it comes to implementing quality care within a facility, look no further than an accredited hospital. All facilities that have been bestowed either governmental or international accreditation comply with stringent quality requirements. A medical tourist can be certain that upon stepping foot into an accredited hospital/clinic you are going to receive the best possible medical care. Accreditation certainly equates to good quality care, however this chapter will also help tourists that are not seeking care at an accredited facility to evaluate an establishment’s level of quality.

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