Updates on The WHCC 1st Annual Global Medical Travel Forum


The WHCC 1st Annual Global Medical Travel Forum, as part of the 2nd Annual World Health Innovations Summit, convenes stakeholders from all over the world focused on the globalization of health care services. International Government Leaders, Ministers of Health, Ministers of Tourism, C-Suite Executives and VPs of International Patients from leading world-class Hospitals, C-Suite Executives, Medical Directors, GMs and International Network Directors from international private and public Health Plans and Insurers, as well as many other professionals from the medical travel industry, gather to discuss the many challenges and opportunities in the global health care market. World renown speakers from the medical travel industry address key challenges and strategies for the globalization of health care, best-in-class medical travel facilities, the emergence of global health care clusters, public-private partnerships in medical travel, as well as strategies to address legal, ethical and cultural concerns for international patients. The WHCC 1st Annual Global Medical Travel Forum offers a premier networking and educational opportunity for those involved, or looking to be involved, in the globalization of health care.




Prem Jagyasi Prem Jagyasi
MD and Chief Executive Officer, ExHealth, Dubai HealthCare City (UAE);
Author, Medical Tourism Guidebook Series;
Founder, Global Healthcare Network
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2:00 pm –
2:55 pm


Globalization of Health Care—Forecasting Growth and Critical Financing and Operational Challenges

  • Analyze the impact of globalization of health care on the global health care delivery system
  • Understand how hospital CEOs should adapt their operations, marketing and IT to prepare for medical travel
  • Best practices for outbound, inbound and intrabound patient services
Vishal BaliVishal Bali
Chief Executive Officer
Fortis Hospitals (India)
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3:00 pm –
3:55 pm

Emergence of Global Health Care Clusters

  • Increasing medical tourism and efficiency through the creation of health care clusters
  • Critical steps for establishing a successful and sustainable health care cluster
  • Leveraging social media and the global health care network for increased communication and education of patients
Devi ShettyDevi Shetty, MD
Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospitals (India)
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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

10:40 am –
11:35 am

Best-In-Class Facilities – Innovations in Health Care Delivery for Medical Travel

  • Innovations in specialty facilities and treatments for domestic and international medical travel
  • Portable Medical Records – Innovations in HIT for continuity of care for medical travel patients
  • Operational considerations to deliver affordable, high-end health care
Joaquin Rodriguez, Sr.Joaquin Rodriguez, Sr.
Chairman & CEO
HIMAHEALTH (Puerto Rico)
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Michael C. McMillanMichael C. McMillan
Executive Director, Market and Network Services
Cleveland Clinic
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Sangita ReddySangita Reddy
Executive Director, Operations
Apollo Hospitals Group (India)
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11:40 am –
12:35 pm

Strategies to Address Legal, Ethical, Cultural and Quality Issues for International Patients

  • Addressing patient concerns and cultural needs: Legal, ethical and cultural issues
  • Understand the challenges in quality accreditation for international patients
  • Assess how international standards for patient needs and satisfaction should be developed
Dennis BrownDennis Brown
Chief Executive Officer
Bumrungrad Hospitals International Ltd.
Raffaella Molteni Raffaella Molteni
Chief Administrative Officer
Johns Hopkins Medicine International (JHI) (United States)
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2:50 pm –
3:45 pm

Public-Private Partnerships with Tourism Ministers and Delivery Systems to Attract New Business

  • Aligning public and private strategies to promote as an attractive geographic location for medical treatment
  • The role of providers, hotels and government in health care clusters and medical tourism promotion
Hisham DiwaniDr Hisham Diwani
General Manager, Health Insurance, Ministry of Health, Syria;
Member of Syrian Insurance Supervisory Commission
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