Medication management

One area where accreditation has drastically improved is in the field of medication management. Medication is clearly a crucial resource during the course of treatment which helps alleviate symptoms of the condition or treats the disease. Since medication becomes such an important part of the treatment, its management is not just the responsibility of the pharmaceutical department, but also the healthcare providers and administrators. Effective management of medication should include all parts of the healthcare delivery process and have implemented regulations and protocols to follow.

Medication management is about the efficiency of a system that needs to focus on where the medication will be stored (at certain temperatures), ordering and transcribing the medication, preparing and dispensing it and lastly the administration and monitoring of it. Unfortunately, medications that look and sound the same have a tendency to get mixed up which could be detrimental to a patient’s health. Human error by any of the healthcare providers during medication management could result in serious problems for the patient and the reputation of the facility.



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