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It is always a pleasure to take a dip in swimming pools but doing so in a suspended pool can be an altogether different scenario. Here we have got for you some of the best hanging pools, which are adept […]

Aquaria Grande

Over the years, motorbikes have transformed from economical and fuel efficient mode of transportation to luxury beasts, making a style statement on the rad. The standard motorbike has evolved to incorporate several modernized designs and powerful engines that are not

Yamaha Roadstar BMS Chopper

New mobile technology has changed the way we used to perceive a mobile phone earlier. With latest features and captivating designs, now mobile phones have become an essential device for modern users. For contemporary cellphones not just connect users to

GoldVish Le Million

Public toilet is undoubtedly a word many people relate to filth and disgust. This is because majority of them across the globe are actually dirty and nobody likes to use them except for the times when you just cannot control

Kumutoto public toilet in Wellington

You must have seen or even have enjoyed riding some exclusive bicycle in the past. However, designers keep coming up with unusual, out of the box bike designs to keep the bikers interested and make a style statement on the

Treadmill Bike

Telling you the importance of a nice pool table is not worth it, as you already know it. However, some of you must be craving for some out of the box designs, because playing on the standardized wooden pool table

1965 Shelby Mustang GT350 Pool Table

In the modern world, Smartphone has made watches obsolete. It is a shame to let go of timepieces that have such a long and rich legacy. However, some creative designers are doing their best to keep our love and admiration

GameBoy Watch

Over the years, we have seen several state of the art military weapons build by arms manufacturers in different countries, and have lauded them for their efforts. However, military weapons at times do not turn up as they intend to

German Krupp Kugelpanzer

Grow plants in different corners of your home become difficult because of the lack of sunlight. With innovative planter lamps, now you can think of placing your plants in such places, while using lamps as the source of light. Several

HERBIE Indoor Garden
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