Top health benefits of bananas

Who doesn’t love bananas? These ripe, nutritious and simply delectable fruits are everyone’s favorite buddy during snack time, and come neatly packaged in their very own wrapper. If you love bananas as well, then here are some nutritional facts about the fruit that would increase your love for it even more.


Cholesterol and Fat

Did you know that bananas are literally cholesterol and fat free? Probably gives you more reason to add them to your daily meals.


A banana contains only about 110 calories or so on an average. This means you can literally dig into one without worrying about ruining your diet or spoiling your sweet tooth.


Bananas can be easily digested when compared to other fruits. And when it comes to stuffing down some nutrients while you are sick, bananas would be the best options to supply the necessary nutrients to your body without disturbing your stomach.


The body requires Vitamin B6 (or pyridoxine) to produce new cells. And bananas contain plenty of it. A single banana can provide your body with almost 35% of the Vitamin B6 your body requires on a daily basis.


Vitamin C is required by the body to boost the health and function of the immune and cellular systems. It also facilitates the easy absorption of other nutrients like iron. A single banana contains about 10mg of Vitamin C which is equivalent to 15% of your daily needs of the nutrient.


Excess amounts of fiber in the system can help control hunger pangs in addition to improving the digestion process. A single banana can supply your body with about 3gm of fiber every day.


The body requires carbohydrates for energy. And bananas contain plenty of carbohydrates to keep you energized throughout the day. Starting the day with a banana for breakfast would provide your body with enough energy till lunchtime, thereby reducing the need to opt for a midday snack.


Bananas contain up to 400mg of potassium each, and can provide your body with the necessary amount of potassium it needs to improve muscle and nerve function. Potassium also helps to maintain a healthy fluid balance in the body and prevent muscle cramps, especially after exercising.


A single medium sized banana contains about .3 mg of manganese which would contribute significantly to the 2.3 mg of manganese needed by the human body daily. The body needs manganese for proper body metabolism and bone health. So eating at least one banana every day can contribute to healthier, stronger bones.


In addition to housing all these nutrients, bananas also contain traces of other vital nutrients like iron, calcium, magnesium, folate, choline, Vitamin A and E, carotene and phosphorous, all of which can aid the body in several ways. So don’t forget to grab a bite of your favorite fruit at regular times throughout the day to enjoy all these benefits.

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