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The human body has the mechanism to detoxify itself naturally; we experience it every day. But do we eat sensibly? Due to our unhealthy eating habits, we need to purify and detoxify our body, and […]

Detox Diet

As the popularity of your favorite movie or book grows by word of mouth recommendation, same goes for the myths being spread. Here are some of the common stomach related myths that are demystified.

Digestive myths debunked

There are simple ways to reduce your grocery bill drastically. Save money by buying sensibly and it’s not that you have to buy junk food to reduce your monthly grocery bill.


Most of the parents distance their children form video games thinking that it is not good for them. Playing video games day and night might not be a good option, but it can actually help


Oral health has a deep connection with a person’s overall health, or to put it in a better way, oral health is of paramount importance for a person in order to maintain his overall health.

oral health affects our overall health
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