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Digestive myths debunked

Digestive myths debunked

As the popularity of your favorite movie or book grows by word of mouth recommendation, same goes for the myths being spread. Here are some of the common stomach related myths that are demystified.

Spicy foods cause ulcers

Weren’t we told to avoid spicy food in order to prevent ulcers, several times? The truth is that spicy food can make the ulcers that already exist in your system worse. The Helicobacter pylori bacteria or the medication that you take to counter pain in your body, like aspirin and ibuprofen, causes ulcers in your stomach. It is false to blame the spicy food for causing them.

Dairy products should be completely avoided by lactose intolerant

We get a lot of nutrients from the dairy products, calcium, magnesium, protein and a variety of vitamins are to name a few. So, you think the people with lactose intolerance should look for these nutrients from other sources?

Incorrect, the people with this condition need to know how much and what type of dairy products they can consume. For example, cheese and ice cream may be suitable to a person and milk may not be. Another thing is the quantity of dairy products that are ‘safe’ for a lactose intolerant person may vary. You will have to experiment to find out what suits you the best.

Nuts cause Diverticulitis

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The actual cause for diverticulitis is a diet low in fiber. You may be aware that in this condition the pouches inside the intestine become inflamed and infected. Until recently, people with these conditions were suggested to avoid nuts, seeds and even popcorn. A study that examined the health of more than 47,000 males proved that there was no relation between these foods and diverticulitis.

Fiber worsens diarrhea

People suffering from constipation are suggested to consume more fiber, in order to get relief. It is assumed by many that fiber would worsen diarrhea, which is a myth. Fiber is in fact good in both the conditions of the stomach. When an individual suffers from constipation, fiber extracts water from the colon to loosen the body waste. In case of diarrhea, the colon to help in solidification of the waste absorbs some of the liquid from the waste.

We are sure that these myths about dairy products, nuts, spicy food and fiber are now exposed to you. When myths like these crack open, it gives us relief and we enjoy what we had been restraining.

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