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Think Dirty: The app that lets you choose the cleanest personal products

Think Dirty is a consumer app that aims at creating an awareness of toxic ingredients in a wide range of personal care products. Check out how the app can help you in choosing healthier options when you go shopping.

Appearance –

Think Dirty is a neatly organized app that has a nice user interface. It is designed to be friendly to the users and appears bright enough to appeal every consumer. The app includes a scanning feature that assists people in scanning the barcodes for a wide range of products from thousands of brands available in the market.

It has a clear and decent display that gives you all the required information about the ingredients of a product in a summarized form. It also shows you the healthier and cleaner options that you may go for. Thus, the app appears tidy and user-friendly.

Performance —

The app works very efficiently on all your mobile devices. Based on its product scans, it offers beneficial information regarding the potential risks you may face with the use of that product. It has a wide ingredient database focused on the chemical content of a product. It makes use of effective health and safety information from credible third parties in order to provide a toxicity rating to a product. It is a high-performance app to make people aware of the possible negative effects of chemicals in commonly used products.

Ease of use —

The app is very easy to be used. You only need to scan a product and it will provide you all the necessary data in user-friendly forms.

Usefulness —

At a time when various personal care products can create their impact on a person’s health in a rapid way, Think Dirty brings forth a highly useful option that evaluates a variety of product ingredients on factors like their developmental/reproductive toxicity, carcinogenicity, immunotoxicity and allergenicity. The app not only judges impact factors, but also tells you about the potential action of ingredients and their safety levels.

It additionally gives you healthier suggestions so you may choose better products that are non-toxic in nature. Its Dirty Meter lets you know the ratings for each product that you scan. The app has great benefits for women who want to test the toxicity of their makeup products.

Value for money –

The app is available free of cost. Thus, it offers great value to its users.


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