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Sony SLT-A58: Review

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Sony has showed its innovation once again through SLT-A58, which seems to be a great option as an entry-level DSLR. This camera is an attempt to replace two of the company’s A37 and A57 DSLRs.


Looking at the features of SLT-A58, we can say that it offers advanced photography options while being consumer-friendly. It has a 460k-dot tilted LCD display of 2.7 inches and an Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor with a resolution of 20.1 MP. The camera offers 1080p HD video recording. It uses a semi-transparent mirror that is fixed. Its viewfinder is electronic and not optical. Another wonderful feature added to the camera is the Auto Object Framing technology, which immediately tracks and frames a shot to crop it. Thus, you may receive a composition that looks highly professional.


SLT-A58 comes with a BIONZ processor that performs wonderfully when it comes to the reduction of noise across the picture. The camera has sensitive AF detection capability due to its 15-point autofocus system. Its AF performance is more accurate and faster due to the device’s Lock-on Autofocus technology. The camera provides wonderful detailing in pictures. SLT-A58 further includes the OLED Tru-Finder technology that brings down its power consumption. Thus, it is great on this aspect, as well as on providing a complete field of view that is rare with any other DSLR. The camera’s SLT technology ensures a good headline speed of 8fps in cropped mode and 5 fps at full resolution.

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Considering the freshly added features to this DSLR, SLT-A58 seems to be a good choice when it comes to the quality of product. It offers you sharp images with good detailing. You may not receive such image quality in even those cameras that are more expensive as compared to SLT-A58. The only feature that is a compromise on quality is its plastic lens mount.


Sony has always led the market for DSLRs. Thus, its reputation is undoubtedly superior. It constantly keeps coming with creative devices that are easy and comfortable to handle. The same is the case with SLT-A58. With high-quality new features and improved performance, Sony’s new offering can be completely trusted.

Value for money

With a price of around $450, Sony SLT-A58 is definitely a camera worth buying if you are planning to own a decent one. It has some wonderful features at a consumer-friendly price.

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