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Click Pro sports camera-Review

The online retailer Snapdeal has revealed its new offering called Click Pro sports camera. This sports camera has been designed under the Launchpad program of Snapdeal. This program focuses on supporting new businesses and entrepreneurs.


The Click Pro sports camera is available in two separate editions, namely Oculus Plus Sports HD DV or Oculus Wifi Sports Cam. The former edition features a 1.5-inch display and 4x digital zoom. It also features a 12 MP CMOS sensor. On the other hand, Oculus Wifi Sports Cam features a 5 MP CMOS sensor, along with Wi-Fi and monochrome liquid crystal display. With these wonderful features, Click Pro cameras also flaunt a stylish and sporty external appearance.


The Oculus Plus Sports HD DV edition of Click Pro can perform wonderfully up to 30 m underwater. In contrast to this, the Oculus Wifi Sports Cam edition has underwater resistance up to 20 m of depth. Both these cameras are superb at shooting high-quality videos that leave lasting impressions. There is no problem in capturing high-action pictures and videos. You will receive amazing clarity without any blurred images.



Click Pro cameras are highly useful for people who have a craze for shooting while taking part in adventure sports. These are suitable for people who get involved in bungee jumping, skydiving, snowboarding, paragliding, river rafting, underwater activities, etc. Apart from this, such cameras are also useful for professional photo shoots. Thus, a professional or aspiring photographer can make good use of Click Pro cameras.

Support services

Both the editions of Click Pro come along with 14 accessories that support their functioning. Apart from this, you receive the flexibility of using Snapdeal’s service centers if anything goes wrong with your camera.

Value for money

Click Pro Oculus Wifi Sports Cam is available at a price of around $160 while Click Pro Oculus Plus Sports HD DV costs around $185. Considering that these cameras have been designed by a new brand under the Launchpad program, users may not find them very cost-effective. There are other cameras available with similar features and at lower prices. Thus, users may like to spend more on famous branded cameras rather than giving a try to this new brand. Otherwise, Click Pro cameras give a satisfactory value for money if brand is not the sole deciding factor.

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