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Ringley marks wearable jewelry’s coming of age

It may be painful when you put your phone on silent, keep it in your wallet or purse, and then miss urgent notifications for calls and messages. While a smartwatch can be a solution to this problem, many fashion-conscious women do not like to accessorize their wrists with such smartwatches.

There is now some smart fashion jewelry in the market that solves the problem. The solution comes in the form of a wearable device called Ringley. It is given this name, as the gadget is shaped as a fashion ring. Read for yourself what this unique piece of electronic jewelry brings forth to you.


Ringley is a smart ring that can be quite useful for women who want to keep a constant check on their phones for important notifications. While a large accessory like a smartwatch could look odd with a fashionable dress, Ringley could cover up that aspect. Since it has a trendy design and varied styles and color shades, techie women may actually find it useful to pair it up with their smartphones, as well as use it as a fashion accessory. As Ringley has a feminine style and design, it may not be useful for men who have also been looking for similar options. Thus, the smart ring has a limited market to target.

Value for money

While Ringley will retail soon for $200, it is currently available at $145. It is a decent deal at the current preorder price. However, many women may not choose to go for such a basic gadget at $200. Thus, the customer base may remain limited for this product.


This smart ring is surely a stylish piece of electronic jewelry that can notify you of the calls, events and app messages from your phone. This ring comes equipped with a vibration motor, multicolor LED, accelerometer, and Bluetooth LE radio. Expected to be initially available in three sizes, Ringley’s band is gold-plated and may look very elegant on women.

The smart ring has a semi-precious stone in four different color shades that can match with almost any of your dresses. Talking about the features of Ringley, it allows customizing the color and vibration patterns for different apps and contacts on your phone. Thus, you can quickly know the person calling/messaging you. While vibrations can be felt on your finger, you can see the light buzz on the side LED. Overall, most women are going to appreciate its expensive looks.



Ringley can be paired up effectively with all iOS and Android smartphones using its special app. It connects with your phone via Bluetooth, but may not work when it out of the range. While it is efficient in providing phone notifications by lighting up or vibrating on your finger, you may only receive limited call or message-related information.

Its performance should not be compared to the performance of a smartwatch, even though the price may be closer to that of an average smartwatch. The good part of Ringley is that its battery performs nicely for around two to three days, depending on the received notifications. Since the ring comes with a charging box, it is easy to put it back into this box and recharge its battery.

Ease of use

Ringley is fairly easy to use. You can pair it with your phone and then set custom color and vibration patterns for alerts. It gives a nice range of five colors and four vibration patterns tochoose from. While you may create your own patterns, it can difficult to memorize multiple combos instantly. On the other hand, it is simple to know about your calls and messages by just wearing a fashion ring on your finger.

Further, its accelerometer makes it simple for you to see whether your ring is connected or not. You only need to tap your ring-holding finger against your thumb and a blue light will inform that your ring is connected. If you move away from the range of your phone’s Bluetooth, then Ringley also gives you a buzz to tell you about it. Thus, this gadget is simple and helpful for your basic requirements for phone alerts.


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