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MyZone MZ-3 – The Fitness Elite

MyZone MZ-3 is a chest strap that keeps a check on your heart rate and helps you to maintainfitness. The wearable does much more than just bpm recording and offers heart rate training while you are involved in various activities. Check out how the device actually performs and whether it can give competition to other heart rate monitors.


MyZone MZ-3 3

MyZone MZ-3 can give you heart rate training while you are cycling, running, swimming, or even doing a gym session. It determines your bpm readings based on your performance levels. Thus, you can track your fitness right on a compatible app and stay pepped up to keep doing better.

While the wearable stores your recordings and does not make you carry a mobile, you canstill see the stats live if you have your phone with you.You may also use it more effectively if you pair it up with another fitness app or device like MapMyRun or Apple Watch.

Value for money

This heart rate monitor costs you around $150. Considering that it may be more suitable for gym users, the price seems slightly more than what it deserves. You can find matching devices at much lower rates.


This slim strap is available in three sizes, and thus, can fit anyone. It starts functioning as soon as you wear it and stops as you remove it, without pressing any button. Talking about the display, you can see five color-coded zones.

Going up and down through the zones or levels can increase or decrease your scored points. However, you may find the app clumsy when it stuffstoo much of data. On the other hand, its social features are satisfactory and performance boosting.


MyZone MZ-3 1

The wearable works on a point earning system based on your current fitness level and performance over time. It actually handicaps your levels, depending on your individual stats. However, with the help of a partner app, it can also make things competitive for you. You can see the points your friends score through their recent activities, and vice versa.

Thus, it performs to train, as well as to motivate you.The device works accurately while tracking the bpm metrics. Additionally, it offers an internal storage of 16 hours of data. The device also has a wonderful battery life that can even go up to six months on a single charge. What more would you want?

Ease of use

MyZone MZ-3 is easy to wear and use. It does not interfere while you exercise or perform an activity. Since it is waterproof up to a depth of 10m, you can also use it while swimming. Still, it will not be very accurate during this activity.It may also be uncomfortable to keep wearing it for long.

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