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Moto 360 has dreams for the smartwatch marketplace

If you have been looking for a real smartwatch that looks decent and performs well, then you should definitely check out the latest offering from Motorola, which is called Moto 360. This smartwatch has given a new and fashionable meaning to Android Wear at an affordable price. Find out here some of its other pros and cons to take the right decision.


Moto 360 is an Android Wear smartwatch that is decently designed to give you timely updates whenever you require. It works wonderfully with your Android smartphone and provides all useful phone notifications right at your wrist. Like many other smartwatches, Moto 360 also keeps a track of your health and fitness activities. You can use it to count your steps taken, caloriesburnt, and distancecovered. It can additionallytrack your heart rate and alert you to stay fit.

This Google-powered smartwatch is water-resistant up to a depth of 1 meter. Thus, you will not face troubles due to accidental spills or pool wetness. Moto 360 is a customizable smartwatch and you can change its face settings per your preferences. The gadget comes quite handy when you regularly need to track your emails, social media updates or call information.

Value for money

One of the best attractions of Moto 360 is its high value for money. Considering its efficient performance and high build quality, this smartwatch seems to be quite cost-effective at a price of around $250.


Moto 360 is an attractive smartwatch that has been crafted nicely using genuine Horween leather and stainless steel. With a 1.56-inch circular face, it also offers scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass 3 on the surface.

Although some people may find it boring to see a design that is close to a regular watch, some others may actually find it beautiful and elegant. This gadget has a bright LCD screen with aresolution of 320×290 pixels. Moto 360also comes equipped with an ambient light sensor to support auto-brightness.

Its leather and metal strap makes it look extrastylish.If you do not like the color of your strap, then it can thankfully be replaced. You can get a choice among black, light gray and dark gray colors. Moto 360seems to have an impressive and standout design for those who are trendy and fashion-conscious.


Moto 360 runs on an OMAP 3 processor. The gadget offers 512 MB RAM and 4 GB of internal storage capacity.This Android Wear smartwatch offers decent performance when paired up with an Android smartphone running on Android 4.3 or later. However, it is poor in terms of its battery life. A good thing is that you can charge it wirelessly. Thus, it makes your life slightly simpler. On the other hand, you will not receive a USB cable with its charging cradle.

Further, the smartwatch is effective while responding to your voice commands. Thus, you can just speak to it and gather the required information when you do not feel like hitting on the buttons. Overall, it is a highly functional gadget if we compare it to the performance of other similar smartwatches available in the market.

Ease of use

Moto 360 has a soft and flexible feel that makes it easier on the wrist and comfortable for everyday use. While its large size may be unappealing for certain users, this smartwatch is actually light in weight. It just weighs 49 grams, and thus, you feel nice while wearing it for long hours too.Apart from this, Moto 360 has a clear face with a silver bezel. This leaves almost all the space for the screen that can be read easily. It is also easy to access the features of this smartwatch on simple tapping.

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