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Apple rides on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus to huge quarterly profits

In the last quarter of the 2014, Apple has earned more profit than the highest ranging expectations of the Wall Street experts. This has changed the ball game completely as Apple’s earnings in the Holiday quarter has surpassed that of Google’s total profit of one year. The game changers in this scenario are the two new models of iPhones that Apple launched consecutively all over the world.

 $18 billions  profit

Better specs and bigger screens have encouraged buyers in established and expanding markets choose iOS over Android. Apple has announced an estimated revenue growth of $74.6 billions and in just the Holiday quarter it has earned a steep profit of $18 billions. This the highest profit ever earned by any publicly traded company in the financial history of mankind.

Back with a Big Bang:


There were whispers that after Steve Jobs, Apple had lost its lucrative edge. Conjectures were being made that the downfall of Apple has began and it will not be able to capture the growing markets of the developing countries of Asia Pacific region. Apple has silenced all the whispers with the stupendous profits it made in the Holiday quarter from markets spread across the seven continents. Apple has sold 74.5 million iPhones in the last quarter ending December 2014.

Many business analysts believe that Apple’s contract with the leading mobile phone carrier service provider of China, China Telecom has helped in its staggering success. Apple has now become one of the major smartphone providers of China. According to the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook the tech giant is looking forward to a more successful year ahead. It will soon expand the market of Apple Pay and the Apple Watch will get officially launched by April this year.


Apple had predicted earlier that the number of sold iPhones will soar. The loyal iOS lovers are upgrading to the latest handsets manufactured by tech giant. Apple is also using some advanced marketing strategies for luring the Android users and converting them into iPhone loyalists. In the first quarter of fiscal year 2013-14 Apple had earned a total profit of $13.1 billions. This fiscal year the profits have increased by 38% from the last. Apple’s share buy-back program has helped in increasing the price of its shares.

How did Apple do it?

 lady using mobile app

Apple is the master at evaluating the changing trends and requirements of customers. The growing demand for bigger screened smart phoned spurred the giant to manufacture its flagship smartphones with a much bigger screen than previous models. As a result many Android users have switched to using Apple iPhones and the sales numbers have skyrocketed. Apple has regained its control over markets that were previously ruled by Samsung.

Though the sale of iPad has decreased, the sale figures of iPhones have more than made up for it. iPhone sales are up by 46% in comparison to the last fiscal year. The big screened iPhone 6 plus was launched in September, 2014. It has an astonishingly long battery life that makes it the perfect companion for professionals who have to travel a lot. The size of this model of iPhone has been a subject of severe debate but ultimately even the critics have admitted that it is a convenient hand held device, which can be shoved into the back pocket of skinny jeans. The stylish and upgraded iPhones have enabled Apple to regain its claim as the top tech titan of the world.


Apple has made unbelievable first quarter profits in the fiscal year that started in September last year. It has won over the customers with its two newly launched flagship models, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

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