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MotionX 24/7 Sleeptracker – Review

MotionX 24/7 Sleeptracker is a medical app that has been developed by Fullpower Technologies. This app helps people in taking sufficient and good-quality sleep. Check out more about it.

Appearance –

MotionX 24/7 Sleeptracker provides personalized sleep tips based on your sleep and activity patterns. This app is designed in consultation with experts. There is a good display of tracked data and statistics in this app. MotionX 24/7 Sleeptracker has quite a simple and classic design. While sleep and activity patterns and data are presented visually in graphical forms, these are also displayed in the form of text.

The complete information on various factors is shown in an organized manner. Thus, it is comfortable to keep a check on what is important. The app also keeps giving you active alerts during your movement and wakes you up using an intelligent alarm clock in a personalized manner.

Performance —

This app is compatible with all your Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It requires you to have iOS 7.0 or later to run smoothly. MotionX 24/7 Sleeptracker is found to be within 95 percent precision of clinical or professional sleep monitors. The patented technology it works on analyzes your sleep overnight and accordingly decides a moment that is best to wake you up in order to stay energetic throughout the day. While you use this app, you need to keep GPS running in the background. Thus, it can reduce your phone’s battery life.

Ease of use —

While the app is easy to use with a simple interface, your phone’s placement during sleep can be a bit annoying. However, it is required to place your phone near you or in an armband so the app can record your sleep accurately. Thus, this placement might not be comfortable for some users.

Usefulness —

The MotionX 24/7 Sleeptracker app is designed to track your deep and light sleep patterns. The app also keeps a track of your sleep and activity goals and your performance against those goals. When it feels that you are not following healthy sleep and activity patterns, it gives you effective coaching through some tips. The app further checks the efficiency of your sleep and encourages you to maximize it and cultivate better sleeping habits, so you may wake up refreshed each day. By recording snoring sounds, the app can help you know your restlessness during sleep.

Value for money –

This app costs you less than a dollar, which is not considerable in front of the benefits it provides you. Thus, it offers a high value for your money.


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