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Facial Fitness Pao Smile Trainer – Review

Made in Japan by MTG, the Facial Fitness Pao Smile Trainer is a recently launched beauty exercise gadget. The product is being endorsed by the famous Real Madrid footballer Christiano Ronaldo himself.


The Facial Fitness Pao Smile Trainer is a bar-shaped gadget. This is used to exercise your mouth so you develop a wonderful smile. This gadget has been designed in consultation with experts so it may properly shape your mouth. It is balanced on both the sides in order to provide comfort to the user who places it in his/her mouth.

To keep it comfortably in the mouth, there is a special mouth holder fixed at the center of the bar. While it gives a funny appearance to place it in the mouth, it is an interesting product, which avoids looking cheap, unlike its competition. The Facial Fitness Pao Smile Trainer is available in black and white.


Pao maintains your facial fitness and changes your smile for good. It is an exercise gadget that works on rhythmical technology. It seems to be an effective gadget. In addition, its effectiveness is reflected from the way it is designed to handle the load efficiently. Pao lets you do a balanced exercise on both sides of your face to ensure a symmetrically perfect smile.

Ease of use

This smile trainer is very simple to use. You only need to place it in your mouth using its mouth holder and bob. This will make the gadget swing up and down in your mouth. This exercise should only be done twice a day for about half a minute each time. That is what it takes to give you a younger smile.


The Facial Fitness Pao Smile Trainer might look funny, but it is a useful gadget to gain a beautiful smile and exercise your face. While exercising, you can also entertain others through its use. Unlike several facial beauty products, it is safe to use. We still prefer the natural route though.


Pao is a genuine beauty product that also delivers the results it promises. A good quality gadget, Pao promises to develop a user’s smile, as well as help them in facial exercise. While there is some wackiness involved in the design of this product, users will actually find it quite innovative and comfortable to use.

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