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Huawei TalkBand B1 – Review

Huawei’s TalkBand B1 is not only a fitness tracker in a wearable device, but is also a Bluetooth earpiece at the same time. Check out some of its appealing and not-so-appealing qualities that may make it or break it.

Appearance –

TalkBand B1 is a decently designed wearable gadget. You may actually call it a wrist-based fitness tracker cum smartwatch. While it keeps you connected with your phone via Bluetooth, it also works like a Bluetooth earpiece that can be taken out of its socket. Thus, you always have a Bluetooth earpiece on your wrist in case you may want a separate oneanytime and forget to carry yours. This design concept is really appreciable.

As about the looks of TalkBand B1, it is a plastic band with a detachable core unit. However, it is rated IP57 for its resistance to water and dust. The device is alsoUV-resistant. TalkBand B1 has a power/interface button and an earpiece ejection button. It is a simple band with 1.4-inch OLED screen that is slightly curved. While it is not a touchscreen device, it allows you to have a good view under daylight. Whether you want to check time and battery level or wish to keep a track of your steps taken and calories burnt, you can do it all by clicking the side button.

Performance —

TalkBand B1 has a wonderful 95mAh battery that can last up to six days on average use. Another amazing performance feature is an in-built USB charging system that is installed at the end of the strap. However, you will have to flip the strap a bit to find out this system. You can plug in into a USB port and it makes charging so smooth.TalkBand B1 performs greatly in terms of call quality, as well as voice pickup and clarity. As a fitness tracker, it is precise while counting but not while tracking specific exercises.

Ease of use —

This band can be worn easily and it fits comfortably on the wrist. However, the placement of buttons and the orientation of its screen may annoy some lefties. Further, it is easy to setup and use the supportive app for this device.


Usefulness —

TalkBand B1 is a useful gadget for multiple purposes. While it may act as your fitness tracker, it provides effective information on your steps and sleep during the day. As it gives you a nice hourly breakdown, you can compare your fitness results over weeks or months. It also keeps you motivated by giving a buzz for being inactive. To keep you refreshed over the day, it has a smart alarm that wakes you up only when you are out of your deep sleep cycle during your selected wake-up time range.

Value for money –

At a price of around $200, TalkBand B1 is worth for those who want to use both fitness and earpiece functions. Else, there are several similar gadgets available at lower prices and with better quality.


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